Shane- 1/16/14

I’m So Blessed! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the prayers and love that’s sent my way. I have been through so much this past year and a few months. But, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the love and prayers I’ve received. It’s overwhelming knowing how much I’m loved and cared for. Thank you God for putting such a great support system in my life.
Mannn life is good! I have been able to spend sometime down in Florida visiting with friends and family. I have been staying with my sister for the most part. I have had such a great time with her down here, we are really close. She is one of a kind that’s for sure. I was able to visit my old church and spend time with my family in Christ. My good friend Eileen, who I look up to so much picked me up along with her husband and they brought me to church. I was able to spend some time fellowshipping with them, it was great. While I was down here I went and visited my old soccer club. Got to hangout with one of my coaches, coach Tony. Who has been so good to me and my family. It was amazing to be back to my old stomping grounds. Seeing the new generation of west pines united. That soccer club was like home to me. I can vividly remember practicing and playing soccer there. I can remember when Coach Tony let me practice with my brothers team. I loved when I was able to do that especially when I got to go against my brother. Believe me no mercy was shown and that’s on both ends. I promise you I will be back on that field playing soccer one day in Jesus name!! I love being back home. Although things are different physically it’s like I never left. Back in my other home, Connecticut, I’m starting my spring semester. I’m excited to be back in school and pushing forward to get my degree. I am doing great things with the Ekso Skeleton suit. Pushing the machine farther each time. Now only if they could make the machine faster we’d be in business. I am going to be helping out with training for the Ekso with a new software program they received for the suit called variable assist. The variable assist allows me to use what muscle I have in my legs and the machine will compensate for the rest. This will help build the muscle I do have in my legs in hopes of getting them stronger. I am also doing well with my leg braces at home. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be in a tank top for a month missing that negative degree weather up north. But, it’s back to reality for a while.

I ask for continued prayers to be lifted up for more function back in my legs. That this year I will get more sensation and muscle back in my legs. I also ask that you pray for more function and sensation below my waist. As well as lifting up my friend John, that God will give him more sensation and control in his arms. God is good and will provide. We just have to stay faithful. Thank you.

Love Shane,