It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog and I want to let everyone know how I’m doing.  Fantastic! I have come so far in this journey but still have a LONG way to go.  I thank God for allowing me to be in a situation to help others and for putting such amazing people in my path.  I never would have fathomed what people with disabilities go through everyday.  God has really opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I am inspired by so many people that have come into my life and not just people with disabilities.  I see how truly blessed I am that I think God has spoiled me.  I mean this paraplegic life is tough, it takes a lot longer to do things but in reality THIS AINT NOTHIN.  Well at least for me.   Of course I get upset and struggle doing small things sometimes and not being in control of your bladder or bowels is frustrating as hell.  But I’m here, alive and well.  Moving forward with school and driving.  I’m playing basketball, which I love and just recently completed 26.2 miles in the Hartford marathon in just about two hours.  I am weeks away from bringing my braces home to be able to walk around in my house.  I’m so anxious to be able to stand in my kitchen.  Videos to come (if I can figure out how).   It’s safe to say things are looking positive.  I plan to hit school hard these next few years and complete my bachelor’s degree in business. 

I ask that who ever reads this will take a second out of there day to lift up a friend of mines brother.  Who just recently had a brain aneurism.  Pray God’s healing grace over his recovery.  Also my friend john, that he gets more function back in his arms and legs and that the swelling in his cervical around his spinal cord goes down.  I believe the best healing is done through prayer.  I am living proof and have only been injured for a year and month.  Thank you for taking the time to check up on me and pray for me. 

God Bless!!




Love Shane,


7 thoughts on “shane-11/06/13

  1. Shane, if you keep posting, then I’ll keep reading!
    Can’t wait for the pictures.. Send your parents my love, Kathy Tucker-Fadul

  2. Praise GOD!!! You are such an inspiration to many. Remain strong in Christ! You are a great picture of hope, faith, and joy. Persevere ’til the end. God bless you!!!

  3. Thanks for checking in, Shane!!! You are truley a special person!!! Yes, this all really sucks and we all wish it had not happened……BUT, we all know God does everything for a reason…and your outreach to others may be HIS way of leading you down a quite different way then you were going…So proud of you!!!! P.S..I am the rat that asked your dad to try and convince you to go to the Y event Blue Jeans..hope you decide to join us!!! Hugs and prayers to those who need them!! Pat Hill

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