9/10/13 post by shane

So this past weekend I competed in a triathlon! My total time was two hours and twelve minutes.  The swim was the most difficult do to the open ocean and current.  I had a blast racing and the atmosphere was great.  A perfect day on the shore line in Connecticut.  I loved the fact that all the athletes there were cheering each other on and encouraging each other to keep pushing.  One of my friends from town, Heather who competes in these races woke up super early to show me support and cheer me on.  It was really nice of her to do that.  I think I might be addicted to competing.  I plan on entering a half marathon in Hartford during October.  I also started playing with this wheel chair basketball team.  I believe that competing in any physical activity is my get away from being in a wheel chair.  Its so difficult going through each day knowing that I can’t play soccer again for a long time.  From hiking to jogging, it legit makes me depressed and upset.  I tend to try and stay away from those thoughts.  But, One thing is for sure.  I am blessed to be on this earth and live life.  It can always be worse.  And even though these thoughts of what could of been and what I am missing out on are always in the back of my mind.  so is the fact that I could be dead.  Which only makes me more upset knowing that one of my good friends isn’t here with me.  I guess we all have our good and bad days.  We just need to hold on to our blessings and the gifts God gives us on a daily bases.  Always reminding ourselves that each day is a gift and to not take it for granted.  I pray for peace.  For guidance and to find strength to keep pushing forward everyday.  


Love shane,


11 thoughts on “9/10/13 post by shane

  1. You are wonderful. I mean: full of wonders. I didn’t know you would be able to do so many things. Fun things. Even though this is not the future you had in mind for yourself, you sure are doing a great job at enjoying life and showing the world what you can accomplish by sheer will. You’re going down in history, Shane! Onward and upward!! Arlene in Fort Lauderdale

  2. Shane we are so PROUD of you and we love you so much…….!!! We wish we could have been there to watch you compete. God has great things in store for you! !

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your positive attitude and spirit. You are one of a kind kiddo, proud doesn’t describe it.

    Love and miss you!

  4. I am so proud of you Shane! The triathlon is a huge accomplishment. I admire your strength both physically and mentally. Keep going! Love, Miss Pat

  5. Good Morning from Wisconsin!!! Yip, Wisconsin….I am learning cheese production with my Boss and another Bozzuto Team-member. I am SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! I understand the feeling of accomplishment through competitions…I began Ballroom Dance 5 years ago at age 57 and just competed this weekend for the 11 th time while you were doing yours, I was doing mine! I did 20 “heats” and received 16 golds and 4 silvers…yip..did pretty darned goo for an old fat lady on a cheap dress!!! SOOOOO keep on training…..keep your notes coming…you are extremely motivating to us all!!!!!! HUGS, Patti

  6. What a wonderful accomplishment. I hope you are giving yourself a huge pat on the back. The path is difficult, without a doubt, but success is yours for the taking. God bless!

  7. Thank you Shane for continuing sharing and keep on going everyday.
    You inspire others including myself, what a great testimony, may GOD bless you always,
    Lilian Nesper, Susan’s mother, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

  8. Dear Shane, if you could only hear through our ears how strong you are, how much you’ve accomplished and what an inspiration you are. You obviously were born to be a leader among men in every way.
    Romans 8:30-31 “And these whom he predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He glorified. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
    You are flourishing in an environment that some would wither in. The sensation in your shin is only the beginning. Your amazing athletic accomplishments will only become greater. We pray for full sensation and full independence.
    Standing beside you in Christ,
    Dave and Melinda

  9. From Raysa McNeill: Dear Shane, how happy I am to hear about the triathlon, what an amazing accomplishment! So now you’re going for a basketball game – how fun! Continue to compete in these events, it will make you stronger in body AND mind. No doubt that you must have days when you’re down and depressed about not being able to get around as you were used to. It must be very, very difficult, and I feel for you as if you were my very own child. I will continue to pray to God to give you give you strength, patience, peace of mind during this trying time, and for a full recovery soon. Do I understand correctly by what you wrote, that your friend who was involved in an accident recently passed away? I’m so very sorry for your loss…and yes, it does bring to mind how grateful we all are to have you with us still. You can still laugh at something funny, curse when you are angry, cry during sad times – all this is music to your parents and friends’ ears, for you are alive to experience all these emotions. Hang in there, Shane, you are the bravest and most inspirational person I know! God bless you, sweetie…and CARRY ON!

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