8/28/13 post by-Shane

            Its crazy how this summer just flew by.  Seems like it just started.   I’m coming up on the one-year mark of my accident.  I reminisce of how far I’ve come.  Thinking about the days I was coming out of the induced coma.  Then spending those two months in the hospital rehabilitating and learning this new life I’ve been blessed with.  To look back at my accident knowing what I went through and how close I could have come to death.   And just how truly blessed I am to be paralyzed.  Out of all the possible outcomes that could of happened.  I’m here.  You never really think about death when you’re young.  I mean it’s evident that death is inevitable.  One day we are all going to die.  But as a kid barely out of my twenties you think life is all-good until one moment can take it all away.

            This past week on August 22nd I lost a good friend of mine in a car accident.  It’s such a surreal feeling.  Especially being on the other end of it. Twenty-one is to young of age to die.  Life hasn’t even started.  I shake my head just thinking about it.  Life is so precious.  Life is a gift.  Every second we are given is a blessing from God.  All I can do is reminisce about the good times I had with my friend and pray I see him in heaven one day.  I love you PJ.   

            My triathlon is less than two weeks away.  I’m pumped, nervous, and anxious all at the same time.  Today I went to a golf clinic and was able to use this device called the paragolfer.  It’s a three-wheeler that you sit in and when your ready to hit stands you up so you can swing normally.  It took a little playing around to find a comfortable yet accurate swing.  Like anything else though I just need some repetition.  I told my dad he better watch out when I get the hang of this thing.  School starts in a week.  It will be good to get back into the school grind.  Looking forward to learning about my degree in business.  I can’t wait until I start driving.  That’s the one thing that’s holding me back.  I can’t wait to be fully independent.  God is good.  Give thanks for the life you have and the little things that are over looked blessings; a home, showers, food, water.  I have recently started getting some new sensation on the top of my left shin.  Just a small surface but I’m so grateful to be feeling anything.  Praise God!!   I ask for continued prayers of a full recover.  All things are possible through Christ! I’m living proof of that.  God bless!




                                                                        Love Shane,


10 thoughts on “8/28/13 post by-Shane

  1. Shane, thank you for sharing everything that’s been going on in your life! You are like a bright ray of sunshine and hope! I am sooo sorry about the loss of your friend! I have prayed for him. Good luck on your triathlon! I know you will do well! God Bless! Lynn

  2. Hi Shane, I teared up reading your post. You have gone through so much and yet you reflect on the blessings you have. That’s a strong spirit! I am going to share your progress with our prayer warriors at my church, many of whom have been following your story all year long. They love hearing about your upcoming triathlon and the recent sensation in your shin! May God continue to bless you Shane!

  3. You are blessed Shane, I’m so happy for you.
    If everyone had the positive outlook you have on life, this crazy world would be a better place.

  4. Shane, so very sorry to hear your friend has passed on, another senseless situation!! I am wondering where your triathlon is and will you welcome guests. ?????

    • My triathlon is in MAdison CT and I take off in the water at 6:45. Its located at the madison beach club I believe is the name of the place. And Yess! Anyone can come out there and show some love.

  5. Hey Shane Mr. Lenny here, you have no idea how many prayers have come out of South Florida for you and your family. Spoke to your dad a couple of weeks ago and he told me about your triathlon adventure. Wish you a lot of luck and have fun with your dad. God Bless Brian, Michael, Cindy and Lenny

  6. Shane, New sensations are a good thing? Right? So glad to read all your good news. Thanks for keeping up the blog. You are amazing. Arlene Morzinsky

  7. Dear Shane,   You continue to humble me. Thank you for your posts; you are an amazingly mature young man and your words are going farther then you may know. Please tell your mom and Dad that Alex Saris from ECC said hello. God Bless you. We pray for your continued recovery and it is comforting to hear of your accomplishments.

    Respectfully,   Alexander Saris


  8. Congratulations, Shane, on completing the triathlon! What an exhilarating feeling this must be! Goal, set, goal accomplished. Next, school. Good luck with that. You have so much positive energy. Keep up the tremendous work. Driving is soon to come.

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