8/28/13 post by-Shane

            Its crazy how this summer just flew by.  Seems like it just started.   I’m coming up on the one-year mark of my accident.  I reminisce of how far I’ve come.  Thinking about the days I was coming out of the induced coma.  Then spending those two months in the hospital rehabilitating and learning this new life I’ve been blessed with.  To look back at my accident knowing what I went through and how close I could have come to death.   And just how truly blessed I am to be paralyzed.  Out of all the possible outcomes that could of happened.  I’m here.  You never really think about death when you’re young.  I mean it’s evident that death is inevitable.  One day we are all going to die.  But as a kid barely out of my twenties you think life is all-good until one moment can take it all away.

            This past week on August 22nd I lost a good friend of mine in a car accident.  It’s such a surreal feeling.  Especially being on the other end of it. Twenty-one is to young of age to die.  Life hasn’t even started.  I shake my head just thinking about it.  Life is so precious.  Life is a gift.  Every second we are given is a blessing from God.  All I can do is reminisce about the good times I had with my friend and pray I see him in heaven one day.  I love you PJ.   

            My triathlon is less than two weeks away.  I’m pumped, nervous, and anxious all at the same time.  Today I went to a golf clinic and was able to use this device called the paragolfer.  It’s a three-wheeler that you sit in and when your ready to hit stands you up so you can swing normally.  It took a little playing around to find a comfortable yet accurate swing.  Like anything else though I just need some repetition.  I told my dad he better watch out when I get the hang of this thing.  School starts in a week.  It will be good to get back into the school grind.  Looking forward to learning about my degree in business.  I can’t wait until I start driving.  That’s the one thing that’s holding me back.  I can’t wait to be fully independent.  God is good.  Give thanks for the life you have and the little things that are over looked blessings; a home, showers, food, water.  I have recently started getting some new sensation on the top of my left shin.  Just a small surface but I’m so grateful to be feeling anything.  Praise God!!   I ask for continued prayers of a full recover.  All things are possible through Christ! I’m living proof of that.  God bless!




                                                                        Love Shane,



For someone who believes in the power of prayer. And has seen first hand Gods Healing grace. I need everyone who has been reading this to pray for my good friend PJ. He was in a terrible car accident and is in ICU right now on life support. Please stop what your doing and say a prayer of deliverance and healing.  He needs it.  I know from being in a similar situation that prayer is just about all anyone can do in this situation.  But prayer is powerful and heads the power to heal In Jesus name.  Pray without ceasing. Thank you.