First off, I apologize for not updating my blog sooner.   This summer has been busy for me.  My training for the Triathlon is going great. Looking to not only complete the race but also compete at a high level.  Therapy has also been going great.  I recently reached a distance goal in my braces.  Continuing to get better with each therapy session I use them in.  I went to the Cape for the fourth and have been up there almost every weekend since.  I forgot how much I love spending time up there and how nice it is to just get away for a while.  Getting onto the beach hasn’t been too difficult.  Having the beach wheelchair for the week I was at the cape, lets just say I was spoiled.  It made getting into the water and on the sand, cake.  Although, we make it work regardless.  I recently signed up for two business classes for the Fall.  I figure I’m going to ease into it.  Then by spring start going back fulltime.  Things are looking good, just waiting to start driving and there’ll be no stopping me! I recently went on a water ski trip I talked about in previous post’s.  This news station up here was covering the sports association an asked to interview me.  I’m posting the link on here.  I want to ask for continued prayers of a full recovery and that Gods plan is revealed to me.  Thank you.




                                                                                    Love Shane,


8 thoughts on “7/25/13–Shane

  1. Just watched the video…..very impressed and happy for you. God continues to heal you

    All the best Debra (In your moms group at work!)

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  2. Your perseverance is amazing, Shane, and you continue to an inspiration to us all! It was thrilling to see you skiing in the clip. Wow! Nothing can stop you now! Keep the faith Shane; it’s working for you:) Love and continued prayers from your Pennsylvania fans! Pat & Kevin

  3. Shane thank you for posting the video. God is doing amazing things in your life and we are so happy for you! When is the triathlon? Love you!

  4. Looking swole Shane. I’m proud of you bro I strongly believe God wants to use you as inspiration and motivation for others going through the same struggles. Keep up the work I know at this rate I will be watching and rooting for you on ESPN in no time!

  5. Hi, Shane!!! I golfed with your Dad last night at SCC…it was great to have some time to chat with him. Of course conversation went around to you. I told him I am your secret fan as we have never met!!! WOW, he had forwarded me the video at work the other day ….WHAT a HUGE accomplishment , and it brought this Oldster to tears of joy!!! Great to be at the Cape with family!!! (Dad filled me in on your filled up house……oh, what FUN!!!!! The little one will bring so much joy!!!!). No doubt in my mind that you are totally on track with your school plans, it will help you decide what direction you want to go in career wise. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you now!!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!! Signed, Your Fan

  6. Great to see how fantastic you are doing. Loved the video. Keep up the progress towards the triathalon. You are always in our prayers. Hope to see you soon.

  7. Well, alright!! Now that’s what we’re talking about. Nice video, athlete!! Great you’re enjoying the Cape too. Everybody needs ” changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes”! Focusing on education is paramount to your success as well. All we can say is we are impressed. You have our continued prayers that God will work miracles in your life. That you will have complete healing. And that God’s plan will be revealed to you in a certain and spiritual manner. Love, Dave and Melinda

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