05/20/13 post by –Shane

In these past few weeks I have made great progress.  I can feel my body trying to redevelop and sensation trying to come back.  Slowly as my back heals my sensation should start to return.  What sensation is the question?  Like anything I’ve come to grips with the fact that healing takes time.  And especially with a SCI healing can take a very long time.  Today I received my leg braces.  They still need to tweak them a bit and aren’t going to let me take them home until I’m confident in them and can walk safely.  Its an exciting feeling to be able to walk around my house and kitchen!  I’m anxious to master these new legs and to grow more comfortable and smooth in them.  It’s a lot harder then I anticipated but like anything the more practice the better.  The way I look at it is I’m one step closer with these braces to a full recovery.  I pray in this time it takes until I’m healed I eagerly try and grow closer with my relationship with Christ.  I know with Christ all things are possible and miracles happen all the time.  I pray God gives me full sensation and movement back.  And that my bowels and bladder sensation comeback to me.  I have started my training for the triathlon in September.  I’m anxious to start competing again.  Tomorrow I’m going with a friend I met to play wheelchair basketball with a bunch of guys. Looking forward to getting back in sports!  God Bless!!


                                                                        Love Shane,