4/9/13 –Shane

During these past few weeks I have been progressing to new heights in Ekso.  This past Monday I walked a total of 1087 steps in the Ekso Skeleton.  Setting the bar higher each time I put this suit on.  After walking that many steps I had an aching feeling in my legs.  Right where the heel is there was this aching pain that started lasting several hours.  It was a different feeling then I had before.  Only once have I noticed this pain in my legs and that was the very first time I used the Ekso suit.   Hard to say if this was good or bad but I guess feeling anything at all make it good.  I’ve about reached the six month mark since my accident at this point the swelling should have gone down significantly, but injuries like mine take a long time to fully heal.  I’m anxious to see with the swelling gone down what return I hopefully get back in these next six months.   All I know is that God’s faithful even if the healing doesn’t come.  I have hope for the future with new doors of opportunity opening up for me.  I am trying to get involved through one of my therapist with this organization that talks to kids about spinal cord injuries and preventing them.  I get to share my story and talk to kids about drinking and driving.  I’m excited to be able to talk with teenagers so that they may hear my words of advice and put them to use in their lives as they grow and mature.  As I keep moving forward in this journey I have a lot to give back along my way.   Looking ahead and taking one STEP at a time towards a full recovery. 


            I ask for continued prayer for sensation and function in my legs. I also ask for prayers for strength and courage as I go forth.  God Bless! And thank all of you for your continued prayers and love




8 thoughts on “4/9/13 –Shane

  1. This is great news! I’m happy you are taking so many different STEPS…all of them in the right direction! Talking to kids about dangerous but often, impulsive decisions they might make is perfect coming from a contemporary like you. If you prevent ONE accident from happening and ONE family from this experience, then you have made a huge difference.
    My New Years resolution for the last five years has been PAY IT FORWARD.. this is exactly what you are doing! I’m so very proud of you for all of these incredible STEPS!
    Love, sandi

  2. Such wonderful news. All things are possible with God! Prayers are the easy part. You will be in mine each day. Thank you for the update!

  3. Shane,
    Hard to believe it’s been almost six months since your accident. How far you’ve come and we continue to ask our Lord to guide you in your recovery. Your positive outlook and hard work are inspiring to so many. In this world of so much negative, it’s truly heartening to read your blog post – yes, God is good and we feel that through your words. Speaking to teens about your story is very powerful and we have no doubt that your message will make a difference. Continue the hard work – we continue our prayers and thank you for sharing your experiences. Much love to you,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  4. You’re awesome Shane! Your attitude makes me have a better attitude! Luv ya-Kristin
    By the way- its 75 and sunny down here! haha

  5. Wow Shane you have come such a long way, Amazing. That is important to talk to kids. They will listen to you, you are have a very engaging personality. I just sent your mom an e-mail. I hope you can travel to Dighton for our annual church clamboil. Uncle Mike does the cooking and it is Portugee spicy great. So proud of you and all you have accomplished. Keep it goin hope to see you soon. Barret will be home too all graduated from SU. Love you hope to see you and the family soon. Auntie Beth

  6. Great news about the feeling in your legs, Shane. That carries a lot of hope we believe. Romans12:12. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. “. You have our prayers, always!! Dave and Melinda

  7. Hi Shane–
    Good news about your walking with the suit on and the fact you felt something. That’s incredible! Keep listening to your body as it heals completely. We know God is still with you and working on your body to heal you. How exciting it is that you will have the opportunity to affect young lives in such a positive way with your story. You continue to be such an inspiration to us all! God bless and you can count on our continued daily prayers! Love, Miss Pat & Mr. Kevin

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