4/30/13 post by Shane

These past couple weeks have been going well.  I had a surgery yesterday to take a filter out just above my groin.  The filter was put in to prevent blood clots when my accident first occurred.  The surgery went great and recovery was just a day.  I have been pushing the Esko to new heights; getting smoother transitions and more steps each time I use it.  I have almost reached 1500 steps in less than 40 mins of using the Ekso.  I am trying to reach out to any study and research groups to be a candidate for any testing in spinal cord injury research.  This past week my parents and I went to Cape Cod to start opening the summerhouse up.  We are working on installing a ramp for me to use.  For now my dad has to wheel me up a few steps, which isn’t the easiest amongst tasks.  But just like everything else we’ve made it work.  Through out this experience so far I’ve learned that its through trials and tribulations that we develop our character and who we are.  It’s every opportunity that we can take and learn something from that helps us grow.  I’m thankful for the function that I have and being able to be here on this earth with a second chance to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to beat this paralysis.  I’m going to beat this; One step, one prayer, one day at a time.  It’s God’s time right now.  He has the plan I just need to stay focused and follow it. 

            I asked for prayers of sensation and strength back in my legs.  For prayers of strength and will power, to keep pushing forward day in and day out til I’m healed.  I hope all is well and everyone stay blessed! Lots of Love! And thanks again for everyone’s support!

                                                                                                            Love Shane,


4/9/13 –Shane

During these past few weeks I have been progressing to new heights in Ekso.  This past Monday I walked a total of 1087 steps in the Ekso Skeleton.  Setting the bar higher each time I put this suit on.  After walking that many steps I had an aching feeling in my legs.  Right where the heel is there was this aching pain that started lasting several hours.  It was a different feeling then I had before.  Only once have I noticed this pain in my legs and that was the very first time I used the Ekso suit.   Hard to say if this was good or bad but I guess feeling anything at all make it good.  I’ve about reached the six month mark since my accident at this point the swelling should have gone down significantly, but injuries like mine take a long time to fully heal.  I’m anxious to see with the swelling gone down what return I hopefully get back in these next six months.   All I know is that God’s faithful even if the healing doesn’t come.  I have hope for the future with new doors of opportunity opening up for me.  I am trying to get involved through one of my therapist with this organization that talks to kids about spinal cord injuries and preventing them.  I get to share my story and talk to kids about drinking and driving.  I’m excited to be able to talk with teenagers so that they may hear my words of advice and put them to use in their lives as they grow and mature.  As I keep moving forward in this journey I have a lot to give back along my way.   Looking ahead and taking one STEP at a time towards a full recovery. 


            I ask for continued prayer for sensation and function in my legs. I also ask for prayers for strength and courage as I go forth.  God Bless! And thank all of you for your continued prayers and love