2/24/13–post by Shane

The things of this world aren’t going to matter when we pass.  What kind of car we drove or what job we had none of these things are going with us when we leave earth.  All that really matters is our character.  Through this accident I’ve learned this.  It has helped open my eyes to a lot of things.  Through this journey and the physical things I’ve lost has helped me focus on what is more important.  I feel God has taken away certain blessings to redirect my focus on greater endeavors.  I’ve started working on the Ekso more frequently.  I have taken more than 320 steps the last time I used the suit.  It is getting easier the more I use it.  I have also started swimming more.  At first it was a lot harder than I anticipated.  Swimming freestyle was a challenge but just like anything the more I do it the better I become.  I really enjoy being in the pool.  It gives me an opportunity to be buoyant and walk a bit.  They have me doing therapy four days a week; which I enjoy and helps to keep me busy.  I love working on my recovery any chance I get.  I’m determined and focused.  One day at a time I’m getting closer to my goal of walking again.  I have looked into possibly getting stem cell injections.  I’m still doing research and asking around.  It excites me knowing that this could help my recovery process tremendously.  This week I have a full schedule of therapy.  Including the Ekso machine, muscle stimulating bike, the pool, and walking with long legged braces.  Bring it on!  I’m doing what ever it takes to reach my goal.  Looking into this world of paraplegia and seeing just how many Americans are in wheel chairs and are handicap makes me realize that I want to help in anyway I can.  By giving hope and reaching out to disabled people letting them know that we are ABLE and can achieve anything by putting our mind to it.  We just do it differently.  I ask for continued prayers for strength and sensation.  God Bless!!




                                                                                                            Love, Shane


10 thoughts on “2/24/13–post by Shane

  1. Clarity and determination are blessings also! I think you have both! I sent your mom an article on stem cell work being done I panama….of all places! I hope to get to connecticut soon and see you in action! Love, sandi

  2. Shane-you are rocking this! I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your life. Its going to be something fabulous! Keep up the good work. Love-lrod

  3. Your an inspiration to us all…..I believe God has BIG things awaiting you Shane…..there will be no end to your helping other young people with your story. I’m thrilled for your progress and feel it is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. All the best, Debra, IMA

  4. Shane – I love reading your blog. I never had any doubt that you will tackle this challenge head on. You have that kind of spirit and determination to succeed. I agree with your last posting – this IS a redirection for you. I am so happy you are listening and taking this opportunity to show us what you are made of. I’m excited to see what new direction your life will go. There are so many people out there who will get inspired by your strength to never give up. That is a message I know you will share with others. I’m VERY proud of you. We’re hoping to get up there this Summer. Take care and keep up the great work!

    Love ya!
    Aunt Michelle

  5. You are absolutely some thing else!!! I have a feeling you are not going to waste any moment of what you have learned…you can be so much help to others!!!! I can not tell you how proud of you!!!! Someday I will share my son’s near tragic life you..he is a survivor of some thing very different then you , but it took what you have found to get him to live as well. ….a very different yet same one day, one step at a time experience….

  6. Shane u are truly a amazing young man. God picked u and I see why, you are helping so many of us that need to be reminded.
    That the most important things on earth is we help others. Thank you! Glad you are on team God! Truly his Angel!

  7. Shane your words inspire us. The power of the Holy Spirit flows through your writing. Where we are weak, God is strong and I love how you are sharing this journey with the world. Keep writing. Keep inspiring. The Love of God shines through you to us all. In our most darkest and trying times is when we have an opportunity to point to God and what He’s doing in you and through you. You are a miracle and God will continue working through you to bring hope to many. Blessed is he who perseveres. God Bless you. All our Love Pete and Tricia

  8. Shane, your comments, your hope and faith and determination continue to be an inspiration to our lives. We are with you in prayer and in spirit and know ” That we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” . As always, great to hear from you, every day is one day closer to your goal. Enjoy the pool! We’ll be thinking about you gliding through the water and we’ll be picturing you walking out of it! May God continue to heal and bless your life! Love, Dave and Melinda

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