2/14/13 –post by Shane

            I’ve been doing terrific in therapy!  Although this week was a slow start due to the snow storm that hit this past weekend.  My new bed came in Tuesday it’s such a blessing to have received that.  It’s like sleeping on a cloud.  Today I started the Ekso skeleton suit.  It’s amazing how this mechanical suit works.  I was actually walking! Took 102 steps today.  They have me in the pool twice a week and also walking with the Ekso twice a week.  I’m excited to see were I’ll be in the next few months with all this new therapy.  Lets hope and pray I’ll start to get some more sensation back.  Patience patience patience I keep reminding myself this is a long road to recovery but every day is a day to help my body recover.  I thank the Lord everyday for the blessings I have.  Just being here telling my story.  God is so good! 


            I ask for prayers for a full recovery.  That God will show me his good and perfect will.  I also ask for pray that I will get some more sensation back and able to move my legs against gravity.  Thank you every one for reading and all the prayers.  I can’t tell you how much the encouragement helps me.  I’m going to walk again one day!

                                                                                    Love Shane,


12 thoughts on “2/14/13 –post by Shane

  1. We are all so happy to hear this news! Your strength, patience,determination, and faith have shown us all how we should live our lives. We send all our love to you and the Family.
    The Altman Family

    • Hey Shane, so proud of the progress you’re making, keep up the hard work, you’ve got a lot of people pulling for you, Go Get Em’ Tough Guy !!

  2. Shane, we praise God for his unconditional love for you. But we also praise you for your unfailing resolve and inner strength to get up and keep striving, even when it seems too difficult. Even when it seems impossible. This faith that is within you will get you through snd you will walk again. We are praying for that full recovery and we are praising God for letting us have an inspiration like you in our lives. Love, Melinda and Dave

  3. Praise God for you walking. In agreement with your prayer request. Father God, we thank you for your healing touch on Shane. Stronger heart. Stronger faith. Stronger legs. Your power is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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