2/7/13 –post by shane

The weekend went by way to fast it felt like Tyler, Brittany, and the baby were only here a day.  It was so great to see by brother and hold my niece.  She is adorable.  Can’t wait for them to come back up here again.  This week I’ve made great progress.  I started in the pool, doing laps and walking with ankle weights.  The walking isn’t full fledged but its getting better and easier the more I practice.  I’m also able to stand upright in the pool and help weight go through my legs.  I love being in the water its amazing to finally be buoyant.  I’m able to move and stretch out my back like I haven’t before since my accident.  I also got fitted for the esko skeleton.  It’s this suit that assists you in walking.  Gaylord Hospital where my outpatient therapy is held is the only rehabilitation center in Connecticut that has one.  I am so anxious to finally stand up in this suit and walk.  I also have an appointment to get fitted for a standing frame.  A standing frame is a seat that you sit in and you jack up the seat into a standing position.  Its great to have because it helps with circulation, digestion, and blood flow.  What is even better is my insurance company is going to cover the standing frame.  I played in my first full court basketball game at the YMCA yesterday.  I was pretty close to scoring a basket too!  It was a lot harder than I expected.  But nonetheless it was a good time.   We are suppose to be getting a bad snowstorm up here I’m kinda bummed cause I can’t sled in my back yard.  My Dad and I are trying to figure out a pulley system to pull me back up our hill.  As I move forward in this journey which for me is the only direction to go.  I look forward to my recovery getting stronger spiritually and physically.  Being still and knowing I’m in the Lord’s hands.  He will provide and make my path straight.  I ask for continued prayers up sensation and strength back in my legs.  God Bless.



                                                                        Love Shane,


9 thoughts on “2/7/13 –post by shane

  1. Shane, so glad to hear all of this! Things are definitely progressing nicely! Praying that each day you will be blessed with more physical strenght!

  2. Praying for sensation and strength for your legs!! And let us know more about that pulley system!! Now that sounds fun,and a great way to make use of what “others” think of as bad weather! May God continue to Bless you and your family. Love, Dave and melinda

  3. Shane,
    Saw the esko skeleton in action on TV in October when they showed it for the first time. It will be great for you to be able to walk with the assistance of this suit while you continue your progress in and out of the pool. Keep up the good work. Love to all.

  4. Good Morning Shane! Just love hearing from you and all your progress – so glad you got to go swimming, this will strengthen your back as well as your spirit. The esko skeleton is such a great invention, I saw it being demonstrated on TV last year – just amazing. Good to know your insurance will cover the pulley system you need, God is definately on your side (insurance companies can be so heartless). I can’t believe “little” Tyler is now a grown man with a daughter, God bless the new little bundle from Heaven. Have fun in the snow, I know you and your Dad will make the most of a good snowstorm! I will continue to pray for you. Give my love to the family.

  5. Your strength of mind, body and faith is inspirational, Shane. Luciano and I continue to pray for your successful recovery!!

  6. Shane ….very nice update and positive news is great. Keep up the hard work sounds like you are making good progress. Love u Unc

  7. I loved hearing about your pool adventures this week. That must have been so awesome! I hope you figure out the pulley system for sledding. That would be cool to see. Stay warm all of you up there. It looks like you’ve been hit badly by NEMO.

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