1/30/13 post by Shane

Tomorrow’s a big day for me.  Tomorrow I get to meet my niece for the first time.  I also get to see my brother who I haven’t seen in over a year.  My brother came to see me in the hospital when I got into my accident but I was so heavily sedated I wasn’t conscious at the time.  I was informed today by my therapist that I’ll be starting my process in the esko skeleton next week as well as getting into the pool for therapy.  I can’t wait!  This week went well starting to walk more in therapy with braces and walk outside of the parallel bars.  I am ecstatic to see my brother tomorrow I have been missing him so much through out this whole process.  I’m doing well.  I’ve been staying positive and motivated.  I know one day I’m going to be walking again.  God is good and he’ll see me through this.  

                                    Hope everyone is doing well! God bless!



                                                                                    Love Shane,


9 thoughts on “1/30/13 post by Shane

  1. We are so happy to hear you are doing well…..That little girl is going to LOVE her Uncle Shane!
    All the best o all of you!!!

  2. Good Morning Shane! How wonderful that you’re getting to meet your little niece, congratulations on becoming an uncle! Can’t believe your parents are grandparents, they must be on Cloud 9. Keep up all your hard work, I know God is with you and cheering you on.
    Love, Raysa & The Macs

  3. Dear Shane, we are constantly trading your blog. And we are praying for you always !.
    We are duo happy you hit too meet your niece and that you got too see Tyler, enjoy their visit.
    And keep up your spirit, remember that He that lives in you is stronger than he’d who lives in the world. And doubts and unbelief will come too your mind… reject all those negative thoughts, and hold on to the hope and faith you have in Gods grace! He will take you through these trials.
    we love you
    The Melendez

  4. I’m so glad you are seeing your brother and meeting your new niece. Keep up with all the positives in your life. God will see you through. God bless!

  5. Shane how wonderful you are making such progress. Enjoy your visit with your niece and brother.
    We are praying for your full recovery and know with Gods grace you will walk again.
    God Bless you,
    Janice and Hunter

  6. We hope your visit with Tyler and his family was joyful and uplifting for you. We continue to pray daily for your health and continued recovery.

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