1/30/13 post by Shane

Tomorrow’s a big day for me.  Tomorrow I get to meet my niece for the first time.  I also get to see my brother who I haven’t seen in over a year.  My brother came to see me in the hospital when I got into my accident but I was so heavily sedated I wasn’t conscious at the time.  I was informed today by my therapist that I’ll be starting my process in the esko skeleton next week as well as getting into the pool for therapy.  I can’t wait!  This week went well starting to walk more in therapy with braces and walk outside of the parallel bars.  I am ecstatic to see my brother tomorrow I have been missing him so much through out this whole process.  I’m doing well.  I’ve been staying positive and motivated.  I know one day I’m going to be walking again.  God is good and he’ll see me through this.  

                                    Hope everyone is doing well! God bless!



                                                                                    Love Shane,



This past week of therapy has been intense.  I have been working hard each day with my walking; it seems to be getting better each time.  This week the therapist made me use a walker instead of the parallel bars.  Walking with the walker was different to say the least.  In the future when I’m fitted for braces, which will be in a few weeks, I’ll be walking with special crutches.  The braces are mostly for the house though because walking with them is pretty strenuous and tiring.  This week I was able to convince my Dad into getting a membership at the YMCA.  This way we are both able to go to the gym together and work out.  This weekend one of my best friends Mike came up from Florida to visit.  It was so great to see him and spend time with.  We’ve been hanging out mostly around the house got a chance to hit the gym with him today.  Mike has never seen snow yet so I was excited for him to come up and get a chance to see it.  The Florida boy got off the plane and it was three degrees out.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  My new bed should be coming in this week I can’t wait! The hospital bed can’t be gone any sooner.  I have a full week ahead of me, therapy and a few other appointments.  On this road to recovery I’m going to need patience but I know in my heart and soul I’m going to make it.  I’m determined to make it.             


            I wish everyone a great week this week and nothing but blessings and love.  I ask for continued prayers of health and recovery.

                                                                                    Love Shane,

1/19/13 post by shane

            First I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blog consistently.  I know a post is way over due.  I’ve started my outpatient therapy this past week and have been busy with therapy and working out.  I’ve been doing well with going to the gym and working out, keeping my strength up is important.  I finally got the picc line in my arm out yesterday.   This is the first time since my accident that I haven’t had anything attached to my body.   It’s honestly such a blessing and a relief.  Having the simple freedom of not being attached to anything gives me hope and reminds me to keep moving forward.  Moving ahead is all I can do.  Not dwelling on the past of what could have been but what is now.  I got in contact with a foundation about a grant for a bed to help with pain in my back while I sleep.  I have been blessed with the approval for the grant and should receive the bed this week.  It’s such a huge help; I cant express my gratitude enough.  Receiving this bed has opened my eyes even more to just how caring and loving people can be.  I went out to dinner last night to my old restaurant I worked at before my accident; Sliders bar and grill.  I went with my friends Ravin and John.  It was great to see all my old co-workers and friends there.  The restaurant made a fundraiser for me to help raise money for all my expenses.  I’m so blessed to have such an amazing support group that love me and want to help me.  Thank you again to everyone at sliders showing me love and support.  I would like to take this opportunity to than everyone who has been following my accident.  To all the prayers I’ve received and the genuine generosity of people out there who have thought about me and are praying for a full recovery.  I love you all.  I’m doing well and am determined to work as hard as possible to recover from this.  God has a plan and I’m anxious to see it unfold.  May God’s will be done through this.             




                                                                        Love Shane, 

Post by Shane 1/9/13

The time I’ve spent home so far has been great.  It’s so nice to have my friend’s home from school.  Being around friends has helped me cope with my disability a lot easier.  The support I receive from friends and family, I don’t know if I would be able to get through this with out them.  I’m so blessed to have such a caring sister.  Chelsea put together this book for me that tells my story.  From my accident to me at the hospital, going through therapies, to my incision.  She also had some friends and family write me letters from when I was in the ICU trauma unit.  The book is my story, my testimony of the challenges I over came and still to conquer.  It means a lot but there is still some space to be filled, when I’m walking again.  I started my out patient therapy today with evaluations from different therapist.  I’m very excited to get started with my out patient therapy.  I truly believe that with determination and hard work I will walk again.  I’m getting stronger everyday, which is so important in my situation because my hands are my legs…for now.  I anxious for my pic line to come out so I can start swimming.  Once I get into a routine in outpatient therapy I feel that it will help me to get feeling and movement back faster.  I ask for prayers of a full recovery and that I can get sensation back in my bowels and bladder.  Out of everything the loss of my bowels and bladder has been the toughest to cope with, mentally and physically.  I’m not ashamed to say it I guess it comes with the territory but specifically I need some prayers on that.  Only time and prayer will tell how far I will get but this is a game of patience and determination.  Knowing God is in control and he loves me and only wants the best for me.  All I have to do is believe and receive! 


            Thank you all for keeping up with my blog and for praying for me.



                                                                                                —Love Shane

New Year’s day post by Shane

Happy New Year!  These past few days have been a learning process.  You could say I’ve been making moves.  I have been out to the mall a couple times, in and out of cars and I even ventured off to the movies.  Once I find a routine this new process will be a lot easier.  It was so great to have my mom with me these first several days I’ve been home.  Helping me to get adjusted and acclimated to my new surroundings.   This New Years was special for me as well because I spent it with my family.  My Mom cooked a huge dinner last night.  We all indulged in steak and lobster.  This New Year is an opportunity for new hopes, new happiness, it’s like a new beginning.  The New Year is a time for new actions and prosperity; to change the way we are and live, for the better.  This is a time to conquer new challenges.  As I go into this New Year I pray that I can be closer to God than I ever was before.  I pray that as I learn and get accustomed to this new chapter in my life I look at the positives and most of all just be thankful.  Thankful for having a great family, great friends, and one of the best support groups that I could of ever asked for.  As this New Year comes I plan to count my blessings every day and lean not on my own understanding of why and how, but in all ways acknowledge the Lord so he can set my path straight.  After tonight I’m on my own for a while as my mom goes back to work.  I guess it’s time to put on my big boy pants and get it done.  I have therapist coming to the house tomorrow along with some nurses so its back to work for me.  I’m anxious to start my out patient therapy and even more anxious to start swimming.  I know that’s going to be one of the best therapies for me.


            I hope everyone has a great and blessed New Year.  I ask for continued prayers for a full recovery.  Praying my quads and hamstrings start firing so I have some muscle to work with and get stronger.   Thank you!           



                                                                                    –Love Shane