12/21/12 Post by shane

These past few days have been going well.  Thursday my Dad came by with the truck and we were able to practice getting into the truck with the help of a slide board.  Not going to lie, the task looked difficult but just like all these other obstacles I’ve over came since my accident I approached this task with a grain of salt.  I went through my therapies and walked with braces each day.  Since these past few days I have been able to feel a little weight go through my legs; praise God.  The doctors and therapist say that you’ll know the majority of what you get back in the first year but I know through Christ all things are possible so I’m not worried.  The Doctor has said that if by Monday the drains in my back are putting out less than twenty-five milliliters a day than by Monday my stitches and drains will come out.  And they will discharge me from the hospital and I’ll get to be home for Christmas.  What a great Christmas present to be home celebrating our Saviors birth. I ask any one who reads this that they pray for my drainage of my stitches to decrease so that I’d be allowed to go home.  I put this in Gods hands.  Today my sister came to visit me for lunch.  She brought noodles and chicken from her work; scrumcious!  I ate that for dinner.  It’s such a blessing when I get food brought in from the outside.  I enjoy my therapies a lot especially cause I’m in several work out groups that have helped me to build muscle and get strong.  I’m going to need all the strength I can get.   All in all I had a great past few days I’m looking forward to the weekend though, SLEEEP!


            Thank you for all the love and prayers I’ve been so blessed to be given



                                                            –Love Shane 


9 thoughts on “12/21/12 Post by shane

  1. Shane, this is wonderful news! I will pray that your drains and stitches will be removed so that you can be home for Christmas!!! What a wonderful gift that would be! God Bless, Lynn

  2. All our prayers are for you to be home for Christmas…..We are TEAM MOSKO!!! You are doing great,,,keep up the good work!
    The Altman Family

  3. Shane- You are such an inspiration to others. Your fortitude and perseverance are far beyond what one would expect at this point! In the midst of a huge trial in your life, you have chosen to continue to think positively and follow the Lord as His faithful servant:)
    We will pray for enough healing to happen by Monday so you’ll be home for Christmas. Just keep singing that song, “I’ll be home for Christmas!”

  4. Shane, you always bring God tears to my eyes! Father God, Be Glorified to the fullest! I pray that you will give Shane the desires of his heart… To be home for Christmas celebrating a huge milestone in his recovery and giving you ALL THE GLORY! I boldly pray for a healing miracle so that others will come to know you and love you and put their faith in you. Use Shane everyday to reach others who have no hope or little faith. I praise you for the faith you have given Shane and all those who he comes in contact with. You are definitely bringing to good to all the devil meant to use for his dark kingdom. I stand as an intercessor in Shane’s behalf and I command all spiritual battles to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ in HIS name and for HIS one and only glory. I will continue to pray for you! Merry Christmas Shane!

  5. Shane, you are truly an insipiration. You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Very merry christmas to you and your family. the Vachon family

  6. Shane, keep up on all of the hard work and feeling the prayers we are all saying for you and your family, and I know you will be home for Christmas!!!! Pat Hill

  7. Merry Christmas and hope for a New Year that is filled with all good things. God bless you and your entire family. Love to all.

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