12/19/12 post by Shane

I had a pretty good day today. The weather was beautiful so it was nice to focus on the glory of that; praise God! I woke up bright an early as I do every morning since breakfast comes at seven-thirty sharp. They don’t let you sleep here. My Doctor came in this morning and I was discussing with him some of my questions and concerns. The whole team of Doctors and Therapist met up today to discuss my further plan of action. From a physical stand point I’m ready to go home but medically because of the stitches and drains they don’t want me going. I started my therapies with attempting some more car transfers they seem to be coming along quite nicely. My physical therapist Erin was able to raise the car up to imitate a higher vehicle since my Dad has the truck. I did a good job of transferring into the higher raised vehicle. Tomorrow my Dad is bringing the truck here to the hospital so I could practice getting into with my therapist. Through out the day I continued as normal working out then lunch, some more therapy then back to working out. I was able to get into a standing frame for about half an hour than my back started aching in pain. After therapy I was able to go outside for a little bit an catch some fresh air. Being cooped up in a hospital for as long as I have makes me try and get outside when ever possible. My sister came by tonight and brought chipolte for dinner, which was delicious. She has been one of my biggest supporters through this whole thing. I don’t know where I would be emotionally if it wasn’t for her love and support; always visiting me and keeping me positive. It’s so comforting to know that her and I are so close, that I could turn to her for anything.
I thank you all for all the love and support that I am shown on a daily basis. God is so good and has great things in store for those who love him. God Bless!
–Love Shane


8 thoughts on “12/19/12 post by Shane

  1. Shane….I am up here in the NE, and yes it was a glorious day today. Very happy to read your own post and that you are back at Gaylord. You really are a remarkable young man and you give me inspiration to be be strong in my own daily life. Continue your path with God and your Faith…..you will be healed…..I really believe this…..Debra Davey, IMA

  2. Happy to read your post! Your days are certainly busy and they start EARLY !!!!!! Chelsea is a remarkable young woman. It is so great that she is able to be close by, especially when sh brings treats! i am someone who is not related to you, but have watched you grow into the amazing young man you are today. I am so proud of you….
    My prayers will continue for your full recovery and for our strength as you navigate this new way of life.
    Stay strong and positive….
    I am reminded of a song that was popular “in the olden days” by the Hollies. I used to sing it when I was taking my brother to school when he had several broken limbs after falling out of a tree fort…..it’s called “he ain’t heavy…he’s my brother”. Google it….
    Have a great day and a very merry Christmas! Love, sandi

  3. Good morning, Shane. Once again, it is so good to hear from you! I am glad to hear that things are getting better and you are getting stronger since your last surgery! You continue to amaze and inspire us all! God has used you as his instrument to bring so many people together in prayer and love!

  4. God bless you and your family and an early Merry Christmas!! God is there for each and everyone of us, lean on Him when weary, He will always be there! God Bless!

    Pam Weilbacher

  5. Dear Shane,   Not sure you remember me from ECC, but we and the 4th and 5th Sunday School kids and AWANA club on Friday night continue to pray for you. I’ve been through a bit of a health struggle myself and your posts are encouraging. That is what the boby of Christ is about.  Wishing you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year.  

    Respectfully,   Alexander Saris


  6. Shane,
    Always a treat to read your posts and we agree that you really are an amazing young man. We’re so thankful that you were able to return to Gaylord so that you would have every opportunity for the therapy that you need. We all look forward to your return home. Whether you are able to be home for Christmas or not, we thank our Lord that you continue to make progress and that He continues to guide your recovery. Keep up the hard work and keep the faith. Your attitude and appreciation for those things we all take for granted is very powerful and inspires us all. God bless you and all of your family. Much love to you,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  7. Shane — So happy to read your inspiring note. We wish you and your family a very blessed and happy holiday season!
    Candee’ & Mike, Sam, Nick, Jared & Michael DeFeo

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