12/16/12 from Mom

Shane had several visitors today which brightened his day. The first visitor of the day was a Father of one of his friends and he and Shane discussed boats and fishing for a couple of hours, which put a smile on Shane’s face. Then a friend stopped by and cut his hair and gave him a nice clean look, another friends Mom sent food which Shane appreciated. The days go by much quicker for him when he has visitors. I was able to squeeze a visit in today between all the other visitors. Shane will hopefully get a good nights rest and start the week off with a
Lot of physical therapy. As we start this week, we are grateful for Shane being back at the rehab and pray that each and every day he will heal and get stronger.


4 thoughts on “12/16/12 from Mom

  1. Thanks for the continued updates Mom and Dad. Shane we are also praying that the coming week is very positive for you. Cindy, Lenny, Michael and Brian…………..God Bless

  2. Take one day at a time. I wish we were closer to visit with you. Get stronger and continue healing. Love you much. Aunt Janice. Uncle Richard.

  3. Praying for Shane’s continued recovery and so thankful for his strong network of friends and family. That’s a talented friend that just came right in and cut his hair! Very cool. Hope this week continues to be a blessing!

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