12/15/12 from Mom

Good evening, Shane and I were able to enjoy the beautiful day here. We went outside and around the grounds, and enjoyed our time together. He is trying very hard to remain positive, he is still having discomfort in his back. He does need to build his strength back up to where it was before this last surgery, just wheeling around the grounds and going up a couple of small inclines was exhausting for him. Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers.


3 thoughts on “12/15/12 from Mom

    • I am so glad Shane had some time outdoors. I think when any of us sees a rainbow, it means that our prayers are being heard by God and he his helping with any problem we may have. I have spoken to someone whom I told this to and she has since told me about others speaking of seeing rainbows, since he has be injured…..and then reading of a posive step he and God are making to impove Shanes health.

  1. Hang in there Shane….you have everythung under control and will come back stronger than before….Praying for you each night my young friend…..Debra Davey, IMA

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