Thursday Night; 12-13-2012: from Dad

Good evening everyone; thanks for checking in on Shane. I had the chance to eat lunch with him today and spend some time with him tonight. Today was probably one of the toughest days for him since the beginning of his recovery relative to mindset, approach, and emotion. He was pretty much, as he put it, “quite the basket case all day”; he spent a lot of time in tears. He misses home, has been in a hospital setting for 2.5 months, the realities of the obstacles before him seem to be bigger than ever, and he was quite discouraged. We talked through each one and found perspective through each and discussed the reality of where he has come in the 10 weeks since the accident, with half of those being in rehab while the other were in the ICU Trauma ward in Hartford, being in a relative unconscious state. We discussed a lot of scripture and found encouragement and inspiration through them; he is truly praying for purpose and the good that can/will come out of this difficult situation and impact many for good. We parted tonight as we always do in prayer; I am confident he will sleep well tonight and tomorrow will be a new beginning with a fresh approach. Romans 8.28 says, “for we know that God causes ALL things to work together for good for those who love Him and for those called according to His purpose”. He is sovereign and in this we stand. Have a great night; we certainly appreciate all of your prayer and love.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Night; 12-13-2012: from Dad

  1. Praying that Shane finds his strength and center once more….With his family and his faith he couldn’t be in better hands. Sending him a big hug and lots of love.
    The Altman Family

  2. Shane, don’t look back — just keep going forward. Stay strong in mind and body.
    You are so loved and prayed for daily!!! Hoping you are able to go home soon, as I understand you have “UNCLE” duties to attend to!!! GOD Bless,
    Anna Notte-Bonnin. (IMA flight attendant)

  3. Gail, John and Shane…..these feelings are the ups and down everyone experiences through trauma recovery….please use your support systems, God and family and know as I do, you will get through this and be back stronger and wiser then ever!!!!
    Pat Hill

  4. You and Gail are such amazing parents. I pray God will continue to shine through all this and that HIS glory will show every day. That HIS peace and strength will be enough for each day for you and your loving Shane and the rest of the family. Praying for God’s hand to be evident at all times! No discouragement in Jesus name!
    Ana Adler

    • Shane, it sounds like you are getting very bored. But, after working all night flights for 34 years, I finally go a Nientendo the sized of a small book. It has small computer 1″x1″ and you can get two games that have. Brain Brain 1 and Brain Age 2. The game folds in half and although the games seem easy they go fast, keep track of your progress and talks to you about your progress. You read on one side and write your answers on the other. It is fun and challenging. You can play it for hours. Of, course since I work for your mother, I have to stop at least every 15 minutes and walk around the cabin so that we are visible and can assist passenger as needed.

      By the way, when my most recent Manager left, I immediately called and spoke to an upper member of management and requested that I be put in you mothers group. He told me he had already done it. She is great to work for. In fact, I never hear anything negative about her when names come up. (Gail, could I have a raise in pay now?)

      Check out GameStop online and find the machine and games I am talking about. I will try and send your mom a link.

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