12/10/12-12/12/12 from Mom

I apologize for not keeping Shanes progress updated this week, however we have been waiting to hear from UHC. Shane has remained in the hospital and being treated with antibiotics for his infection.( We are being told that it is the same infection that he had at Hartford Hospital, it is a bacteria that we all carry in our bodies and when our immune system is down then it can flare up, which in Shanes case has happenned.) A pick line was put in yesterday, whereas they will give him strong antibiotics intraveonously for a few weeks. The antibiotics were given quickly and has resulted in the fever returning to noraml. We just received the news we have been praying for and that is Shane will be returning to Gaylord this afternoon. I do not know for how long he has been approved for, but am grateful that we should get a few days of rehab. He has been in this hospital bed for one week without any physical therapy. Shane’s spirits should pick up, now that he is returning to Gaylord and it feels like home away from home. Thank you for caring and for all the prayers for Shane’s recovery. I do believe that the best Physician in this entire world is our GOD and I am asking to heal my son and that he may walk again.


12 thoughts on “12/10/12-12/12/12 from Mom

  1. Praise God! The prayer group at ECC has been praying that Shane would be able to have the best support, hopefully Gaylord. In Jesus’s name, we are also asking in agreement with you that the Lord will grant him FULL RESTORATION, and that your family be awarded not only this, but punitive damages for everything the enemy has stolen from Shane and your family.

  2. He’s God of the Storm, Lord of the rain
    Though I may fear, His refuge remains
    He’s God of the storm, His power displayed
    Trials will come I will trust Him the same by Carrie Inabnit & This Hope

    AMEN! For just this moment the rain has passed and there is the light of hope shining your way! Your warriors continue to pray and will always be by your side in this battle. Believe me, we are one tough army!
    Blessings, prayers and love,
    Steve and Sue

  3. Thank you both, Gail and Jack, for keeping up on the blog. I imagine it must be a pain to have to report every day, but I am so grateful you are doing this and that I don’t have to constantly call you for updates. So glad Shane is getting back into Gaylord. I keep praying – every day – for more good news.

  4. Praise The Lord for good IV bug killers… That the docs didn’t waste time going after this infection with a PICC line and strong meds. And thanking Him so much for the answer to Shane going back to Gaylord…. I know that Shane’s docs are doing their best to try to keep him at Gaylord. Our God is an AWESOME God and He can fight the big bad old UHC …. Lord knows they give the rest of us a fight on so many things… But we know the Ruler of the Universe and He will have His way! Keep the Faith!

    Debbie R./AA-Miami

  5. Wonderful to hear that Shane will be returning to Gaylord to continue his rehab and recovery. Hopefully, his infection will soon be gone and he can concentrate on his physical therapy without constraints. Prayers continue. Love to all.

  6. Figured something was up when there was no posting..this is positive stuff! Waiting for decisions from Ins. people more then sucks!!!! Stressful is not the word !!!! So glad Shane is doing better and you sound positive as well!! Hang in there everybody!!! Prayers for you all! Pat Hill

  7. Gail, Jack and family,
    So glad to hear that Shane will be returning to Gaylord. Praise God! We truly pray that the coming celebration of our Lord’s birth will bring peace and joy to all of you in the weeks ahead. Shane is so fortunuate that he “picked” such incredible parents! We continue to offer our prayers not only for Shane’s recovery, but for all of the Mosko’s. Much love and Merry Christmas to the Mosko’s. We’re still waiting for a picture of your new granddaugther!!
    Our love to you, Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  8. Praise be to God for such great news! So delighted to hear that the insurance company ok’d
    Gaylord again. Peace and love–Pat & Kevin

  9. Gail and family,
    I’m so happy to hear about the approval from UHC. This is the first miracle of many to come. Praise the Lord for He is faithful and His love endures forever!! God is in control and His will will be done! The Lord has Shane in the palm of His mighty hand. May our Lord fill your hearts with His joy and peace. Have a Blessed Christmas and a new Year filled with miracles.
    Xiomara Christman

  10. Amen !!!
    Thank you Lord for answering or prayer Keep believing Shane is going to walk again in the name if JESUS !!

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