12/6/12 – 12/8/12 from Mom

Shane has just rested the last couple of days. The bandage was removed and the reason the Doctor had answered plenty to the question of the number of stitches is because I don’t think they could count them all. Looks like the outside incision is as big as the very first surgery, therefore he has a lot of stitches inside that will eventually dissolve and the stitches externally will be removed in two-four weeks. The Doctor looked at the wound on Friday and was pleased. The insurance denied Shane returning to Gaylord for therapy. The surgeon appealed and was denied, so we have made a last ditch appeal and should hear something on Monday. The alternative for his care is a sub-acute, which is similar to a nursing home. Got to love our private healthcare. Shane has just been resting and unfortunately has not been able to do any physical therapy this week. Please continue to pray. We want Shane to have the best possible outcome and to do that he needs the aggressive therapy. Your support is greatly appreciated.


5 thoughts on “12/6/12 – 12/8/12 from Mom

  1. Happy to hear Shanes’ surgery went well, but disappointed he can’t return to Gaylord….do we need to bombard a CT. Senator or Representative’s office? Have a quiet and peaceful weekend….Peace, Debra….IMA

  2. So glad to hear the surg went well. Maybe should write ur congressman or senator regarding the Pyhsical Therapy situation. It seems appalling to me that he would be denied the care he deserves! If it were a congressmans or any other gov officials family member they would certainly be well taken care of and Shane deserves nothing less. I will continue to pray for you all and this situation! Many thoughts and much love!

  3. So not right….Could he possible go home and do therapy at Gayloard as an out patient? Praying for you all…

  4. Dear all, we continue to pray for Shane’s improving health, but as of late our prayers needed to include a plea for God to give you a glimpse at how Shane will be provided with all he needs. We believe and know that God has that plan, and now more than ever, having seen how hard Shane has worked and how fast he succeeds, the waiting is so very hard. The miracles are still happening, slower and quieter this week, but the wound has been repaired, which ultimately will move everything else along. Also praying for Ty and his family……and all the joys this baby will bring to her family!
    Blessings, prayers and love…Steve and Sue

  5. Good morning Mosko’s! Praying that today will truly be sabbath, and that you can do as St. Francis de Sales prays ” be at peace and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations”. Monday will be here in 24 hrs, nothing will change that. Share the best that God is giving you for today, and do not let tomorrow’s outcome rob you of today. We love you and will continue to pray for Shane’s recovery and care. Steve and Sue

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