12/5/12 from Mom

Shane had a restful night after his surgery. He was given pain medication which had to be changed several times, to try and find the correct combination for pain and back spasms. Most of the day was spent sleeping and trying to find a comfortable position. He is very happy with the food, it is like being at a restaurant. He is able to order when he is hungry and can eat as much as he wants. No complaints there! We are still unsure of his discharge from the hospital and where he will be going. All are advocating for him to return to Gaylord for additional rehab. Thursday morning they will be removing the original dressing and looking at the wound to see how it is doing. He did have a slight temperature of 99. Tylenol was given
and the fever will be monitored. Thank you for the continued support for Shane and our family.


One thought on “12/5/12 from Mom

  1. I’m glad the surgery went well. God bless you all. Prayers and good wishes sent for a speedy wonderful recovery.

    Pam Weilbacher

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