12/4/12 from Mom

Shane was taken by ambulance from Gaylord to Yale Hospital this morning bright and early. Surgery was scheduled for 0730 and he was in there at 0729. The surgeon spoke with us at 0900 and advised that the surgery was successful. He was able to clean up the scar tissue and pull some of the back muscle from the top and bottom to connect and cover the exposed bone. When I asked how many stitches, his reply was plenty. Shane’s wound this time looks to be the size of the original one by the size of the covering. He also has two drains in this wound. Shane was then admitted to a room. He was able to order his lunch and ate, however he was in quite a lot of pain. By the evening his pain increased and they were increasing the medication. At this point we do not know where Shane is going or when. Praying the wound heals and Shane will be sent to an appropriate place for him to continue his rehab. Thank you for all the prayers today and everyday.


9 thoughts on “12/4/12 from Mom

  1. Gail and Jack,
    Glad to hear that the surgeon was able to repair the exposed bone issue and sorry to hear that Shane is having pain again. He’s been through so much and we pray that this will be a small step back so that he can take several steps forward in his recovery. We continue to ask our Lord to bless Shane and all of you. Your faith will see you through this and know that your family and friends are here to help in any way we can. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new granddaughter. Much love to the Moskos,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  2. Dear Shane, you are the strongest warrior I know. I pray that your meds will help make the next few days tolerable, because each moment, second, minute, hour and day that is behind you brings you closer to living the life God intends. I continue to pray for you throughout every day and night. Thursday is 4 weeks out from my latest wound surgery and you would be amazed how God created our bodies to heal so quickly….blessings, prayers and love…..Steve and Sue

  3. Thank God the surgery well well! We will continue to pray for Shane’s healing and pain management as well as his placement in the next facility. God Bless.

  4. Shane. We love You and are praying for the pain to decrease each day as the incision heals. You’re a trooper and have come thru so much , always remember. I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. Stay strong. Love us

  5. Shane is still in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord help him deal with the pain and allow him to be the strong man he’s supposed to be. Missing you Gail, and hoping that this will all be better soon. My love and hugs sent your way, Donna

  6. Shane so glad you came through it great. You are very strong and you will heal quickly. Hope your pain goes away soon get back to making your progress. We pray for you every day. Beth Arianna Mike

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