12/3/12 from Mom

Good evening, I was able to spend the entire day with Shane going to all his therapies. The first therapy today was Shane learning how to maneuver his wheelchair up and downstairs. I was completely amazed this was even possible. He literally pulled himself sitting in the wheelchair up about eight stairs and then was able to get back down the stairs. He did this twice. He had a meeting with the nursing facility that will be doing his outpatient when the time comes, ate lunch late and then went back to physical therapy where I was able to see him don the braces and with the help of his therapist walk using the handrails. Since he needs to find his balance and can’t tell or feel his legs as he moves them with his hip flexers, he watched in a mirror to see where his feet were. The therapist helps to keep his knees straight and from buckling. After that he was off to occupational therapy where he tested his kitchen skills and baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which were delicious. We then were told that the insurance would not approve him to return after his surgery tomorrow and that he would now be admitted to Yale Hospital after the surgery.
As the journey continues and we have no idea where we will be going from this point on, our prayer is that Shane’s surgery will be successful with no complications. We ask that you pray for guidance in Shane’s recovery.


4 thoughts on “12/3/12 from Mom

  1. Dear Gail, Shane and family….

    will be praying all day for everything to go better than expected. God is still our great Physician and He will be guiding the surgeon as He has before. Still not believing that the insurance company finds this amount of time sufficient but keep looking for options… There has to be something out there.

    God bless you and keep you as you plot your next steps.

    Debbie Richardson

  2. Thoughts and prayers are with you all tomorrow. I will be waiting for the good news that all went better than expected in the operating room. I find it difficult to believe, and can only imagine your frustration, that an insurance company gets to decide where Shane will get his best therapy! Focus on tomorrow….no matter what…it’s always one dy at a time. Give the warrior a hug from me! He is amazing! I’m still trying to get a visual of him going up and down stairs in a wheelchair! All the best! Love, sandi

  3. Many prayers that Shanes surgery goes well tomorrow morning. Congrats to the Mosko’s with the newest addition to your family.

    God Bless, the Altman family

  4. Landing at Yale feels (to the outsider) like another winner of God’s lottery. Each stop in this journey seems to provide Shane with gifts unknown before the last…and hope for what comes next! Blessings, prayers and love are hugging you tight especially today.
    Steve and Sue

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