12/1/12 from Mom

Shane was tired and sore today and was unable to make his physical therapy. When I arrived today he had surprise visitors from Massachusetts. His friend Ben who he wake boards and snow boards with came to visit. The boys talked about Shane getting an adaptive board by the summer so he could get back in the water. I have been unable to get an update on the extent of his surgery on Tuesday and what it will entail. I’m hopeful that I will be able to get information from the Doctors on Monday as well as the insurance and where Shane will go after surgery. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “12/1/12 from Mom

  1. Our prayers for Shane and the whole family are ongoing. The power of prayer is powerful because we have a powerful God who hears us. Richard just got out of surgery on Thursday for a 5.8 x 6.7 cm growth in his liver that the surgeon said was going to take 3 hours, would have to be followed up with a type of chemo, and would leave Richard in the hospital for 3 days minimum. Only The Lord could have caused the surgery to last only 2 hours, the ablation procedure to totally destroy the tumor thus not requiring chemo, and the doc deciding that Richard could go home after only one night! So, Richard was anxious to get to church today to be able to praise Him there with his church family. I know that God hears our prayers for Shane too, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of God’s blessings in Shane’s recovery.

    God bless you all. Thank you for keeping us all informed and blessed with your testimony.

  2. I constantly have Shane and all of you in my thought and prayers. God is with us. We are blessed to have such a wonderful families where the Holy Spirit lives among us. My step dad (Dan) is having spinal surgery on the same morning. I am also praying for God’s gift to guide the surgeon’s expert hands throughout the surgery. I recently had emergency surgery and prayed for my doctor before my operation. I know He heard me! May love, peace and Light be with you all. God bless you, Shane. You are very special! I know He has great plans for you.

    • Gail and Family, it was good to see you. Shane and the rest of your family remain in my prayers. Also, since I included Shane in my BIG families Thanksgiving Prayer, two of by siblings have aske about Shane and are praying for him also.

  3. Still praying for you and your entire family Gail. We so admire your strength and tenacity through this difficult time and we praise God for the joy of the new arrival in the Mosko family! May The Lord continue to shine his countinence upon you and bring you peace and joy! Love, Dave and Melinda

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