12/28/12 post by –Shane

Today was a good day.  I’m getting adjusted to my house and the different steps and ways to getting things done.  Learning as I go from this new normal.  The one thing I find difficult is doing transfers.  At the hospital all the surfaces I transferred to were mostly the same height as my wheel chair.  At my house a lot of the surfaces are lower or higher than the chair so I have to get use these uneven transfers.  I know in time it will get better.  Every morning there are nurses and therapist coming in and out of the house working with me.  I have to administer an IV for an infection in my back until mid January.  Today a few of my aunts came down from Mass.  It was great to sit with them and chat.  I was able to go to the YMCA today with the help of my friend Jake who picked me up from my house.  Having friends that help me with weights at the gym is such a blessing; it makes lifting so much easier.  I want to thank my parents and all of our family friends who sacrificed there time off to waking up early and helping to renovate my house.  I am so grateful to my Dad who put every free moment for two months into getting the house ready for me.  I can only imagine how exhausting that must have been.  Dad, I love you and am forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me.   God has certainly blessed me with great parents.  I take everyday as it comes ready to put in the work to better myself physically and spiritually.  It’s crazy how the days are starting to fly by especially when it starts getting dark at four.  I’ve come a long way since September 29th.  I’m anxious to see where I’ll be a in three to six months.  I pray that my back heals and the drain incisions close with no fluid build up.  As the days go by I learn, adapt, and move forward with a positive attitude ready to do what ever it takes to walk again.  It’s a long road to recovery but each day brings new trials to conquer.  Eager to do the best I can.  I know in my heart that I’m going to be okay.  God is in control.  If God is for me who can be against me?  He will uphold me with his righteous right hand!             


            I ask for continued prayers of healing and strength.  I believe in the power of prayer and what it can do.  Thank you all and God bless!!


                                                                                                            –Love Shane


12/27/12 post by Shane

Being home for the past couple days has been a bag of mixed emotions.   On one hand, I’m so ecstatic to be home and with my family.  But being home is when your emotions and realization of being in a wheel chair hit hard.  I want nothing more than to just stand up every time I sit down.  But it’s not enough to just think it in my mind.  Knowing that I’m bound to this sitting position and the scary part is that it’s only the beginning.  I am coming to grips with this new state of my life.  Hoping and praying that one-day with hard work and determination I’m going to walk again.  Taking my comfort in God and warding off these bad thoughts of my paralysis.  All I can do is fight and pray with every inch of my being.  I get so worked up an emotional sometimes thinking about my condition all the things I can’t do now and activities I have to sit out from.  I remind myself when I’m feeling down that it could be much worse.  I have my arms, my brain, my face, my heart they all work and are capable of loving, of hugging someone.  There are so many people on this earth that have it so much worse than I do I should be jumping with joy well technically not jumping but overwhelmed with gratefulness for what I do have.   These past couple days have been like stepping out into a new world for the first time.  Yesterday I was able to go to the gym and work out with the help from some friends.  It was great to get out and to not let this hold me back.  There have been multiple people stopping by the house daily for homecare and physical therapies.  Tomorrow an occupational therapist is coming to the house to work with me.  I was able to work with a family friend today doing some physical therapy exercises with my legs.  She helped me to stretch and work on flexibility with my legs.  I even laid on my stomach today and was able to stretch out.  Felt good to get off my but for some time.  Tonight my parents and I went out to dinner then to the mall where we visited my sister at work.  It felt great to get be out in the world and not cooped up in the house all day.  I’m getting acclimated to my new life.  Thank you Lord for all you do, for the small things we take for granite everyday like having a bed to sleep on at night a pillow to rest our heads and water to drink when we’re thirsty.  

            Thank you to all the people who take time out of their day to read this blog and see how I’m doing.  I ask for continued prayers for healing, strength, and perseverance.  I also ask that prayers be said for me to draw closer to God and to seek his will.  God Bless!


                                                                        —Love, Shane 

Christmas day –post by Shane

            Today was a very special day for me.  First I’d like to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.  It’s only because of you Lord that we celebrate Christmas.  Thank you for your love God, for your many blessings we are given everyday, for answered prayers, and especially your son Jesus.  Monday was an important day for me my doctor came in and said the drainage was low enough that my drains and stitches could come out.  That was the first time in three months that I didn’t have anything attached to my back.  Today, was Christmas and I finally was discharged from Gaylord my home away from home.  My parents came and picked me up at around ten-thirty this morning.  Just being in a car driving home felt so great!  I honestly didn’t think I would make it home for Christmas this year but God answers prayers, “for we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.  It was so amazing to be home today with my family, to be back in my own house.  My physical disability really hit me hard today being in my house for the first time.  Moving through my house in the wheelchair was difficult to do not physically, but emotionally.  It was tough because I know that the things I use to be able to do in my house I know longer can.  I have to find new ways and means to get by.  But just like everything else I will adapt and move forward.  It’s going to be frustrating and difficult but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13.  This Christmas might have been the most memorable Christmas for me.  Being able to be home with my family was such a blessing on this wonderful day.

          I would like to thank all the friends of my parents who have given up their time to help my family get our house ready for me to live in, I’d like to thank Sarah for the fundraiser she did on Patuisett, selling t-shirts to raise money to help my family, I would also like to thank those that have donated to my recovery fund at giveforward.com and for the donations that my family has received.

         Thank you to each and everyone of you for the love, support and prayers.


                                                                                                –Love Shane


12/21/12 Post by shane

These past few days have been going well.  Thursday my Dad came by with the truck and we were able to practice getting into the truck with the help of a slide board.  Not going to lie, the task looked difficult but just like all these other obstacles I’ve over came since my accident I approached this task with a grain of salt.  I went through my therapies and walked with braces each day.  Since these past few days I have been able to feel a little weight go through my legs; praise God.  The doctors and therapist say that you’ll know the majority of what you get back in the first year but I know through Christ all things are possible so I’m not worried.  The Doctor has said that if by Monday the drains in my back are putting out less than twenty-five milliliters a day than by Monday my stitches and drains will come out.  And they will discharge me from the hospital and I’ll get to be home for Christmas.  What a great Christmas present to be home celebrating our Saviors birth. I ask any one who reads this that they pray for my drainage of my stitches to decrease so that I’d be allowed to go home.  I put this in Gods hands.  Today my sister came to visit me for lunch.  She brought noodles and chicken from her work; scrumcious!  I ate that for dinner.  It’s such a blessing when I get food brought in from the outside.  I enjoy my therapies a lot especially cause I’m in several work out groups that have helped me to build muscle and get strong.  I’m going to need all the strength I can get.   All in all I had a great past few days I’m looking forward to the weekend though, SLEEEP!


            Thank you for all the love and prayers I’ve been so blessed to be given



                                                            –Love Shane 

12/19/12 post by Shane

I had a pretty good day today. The weather was beautiful so it was nice to focus on the glory of that; praise God! I woke up bright an early as I do every morning since breakfast comes at seven-thirty sharp. They don’t let you sleep here. My Doctor came in this morning and I was discussing with him some of my questions and concerns. The whole team of Doctors and Therapist met up today to discuss my further plan of action. From a physical stand point I’m ready to go home but medically because of the stitches and drains they don’t want me going. I started my therapies with attempting some more car transfers they seem to be coming along quite nicely. My physical therapist Erin was able to raise the car up to imitate a higher vehicle since my Dad has the truck. I did a good job of transferring into the higher raised vehicle. Tomorrow my Dad is bringing the truck here to the hospital so I could practice getting into with my therapist. Through out the day I continued as normal working out then lunch, some more therapy then back to working out. I was able to get into a standing frame for about half an hour than my back started aching in pain. After therapy I was able to go outside for a little bit an catch some fresh air. Being cooped up in a hospital for as long as I have makes me try and get outside when ever possible. My sister came by tonight and brought chipolte for dinner, which was delicious. She has been one of my biggest supporters through this whole thing. I don’t know where I would be emotionally if it wasn’t for her love and support; always visiting me and keeping me positive. It’s so comforting to know that her and I are so close, that I could turn to her for anything.
I thank you all for all the love and support that I am shown on a daily basis. God is so good and has great things in store for those who love him. God Bless!
–Love Shane

12/16/12 from Mom

Shane had several visitors today which brightened his day. The first visitor of the day was a Father of one of his friends and he and Shane discussed boats and fishing for a couple of hours, which put a smile on Shane’s face. Then a friend stopped by and cut his hair and gave him a nice clean look, another friends Mom sent food which Shane appreciated. The days go by much quicker for him when he has visitors. I was able to squeeze a visit in today between all the other visitors. Shane will hopefully get a good nights rest and start the week off with a
Lot of physical therapy. As we start this week, we are grateful for Shane being back at the rehab and pray that each and every day he will heal and get stronger.

12/15/12 from Mom

Good evening, Shane and I were able to enjoy the beautiful day here. We went outside and around the grounds, and enjoyed our time together. He is trying very hard to remain positive, he is still having discomfort in his back. He does need to build his strength back up to where it was before this last surgery, just wheeling around the grounds and going up a couple of small inclines was exhausting for him. Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers.