Friday night update from Dad

Shane continues to take it to new levels in his physical therapy sessions. Today his therapist took his wheely bars off of his wheel chair and challenged him to pop a wheel stand and see how far he could go around the gym without either flipping over or coming down on his front wheels. He was able to balance himself and in his first attempt he made it around the entire gym. She was excited and told Shane that nobody has been able to do in the last 8 years. She then timed him to see how fast he could wheel himself around the gym in 1 door than outside the next until he finished the loop. Her challenge was to see him finish it in under a minute; after the 3rd attempt he was able to get it done.

We did not hear from the insurance company today so we are not sure where he stands with his stay at Gaylord. We do know he will be having surgery at Yale on Tuesday to join his back muscles and close his wound. He is very positive and he continues to believe the best for his situation. He takes things in stride and finds a way to keep things on the light side, even poking fun at some of his challenges. Gail is on her way back up here to CT and will be here through the surgery; the weekends at Gaylord are somewhat laid back so I think there will some quality down time happening. I trust you have a great weekend; will update the blog periodically; thank you for your continued support!


4 thoughts on “Friday night update from Dad

  1. All great news! Shane certainly is a remarkable young man, and a tremendous source of pride to his family and friends! May God continue to bless your family.

  2. Shane, your determination and progress is AWESOME!! We are praying for you in your upcoming surgery and know you will be in excellent hands.

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