11/28/12 from Dad

Good evening; thanks for checking in. We anticipated the insurance company assessment today to determine a discharge date but it did not happen; we are being told it will be tomorrow. Shane was seen by a wound surgeon today and he concluded that due to the depth of the wound and because he could still see some evidence of bone he would need to undergo surgery. The plan is to attempt to join muscle then close up the wound. He would need to be bed ridden for about 3 days to expedite the healing process. They are talking about doing the surgery on Dec. 4th at Yale. Initially, Shane seemed a little nervous about it but was OK by the time I left. The continual uncertainty of being discharged or not along with trying to move forward with his life and face the challenges before him along with just simply understanding his current status have been somewhat taxing. On the flip side he is putting it all on the table in prayer and totally relying on Gods grace and sufficiency to get him through; his trust is amazing. Proverbs 3.4-5 is a powerful tool. Before Chelsea came in tonight Shane asked that we spend some time in prayer. Tyler called on his way to work just as we began and we all joined in; where 2 or 3 are gathered together in His name He promises to be in our midst; we had a great time together, the 4 of us!

Today in Physical Therapy they again donned the special ankle and leg braces, the ones to keep his legs straight. Shane told me with the support of his therapist and balancing himself on the parallel bars he was able to make it down the entire length of the walkway. Yesterday was very cool seeing him in a standing position and maintaining that for several minutes. I missed today but I can imagine him pressing to get across the walk way in the P/T center using all available resources: braces, bars, therapist, and a driving will to succeed. His sister came in tonight with a bag containing a freshly steamed lobster and lobster bisque; she wanted to give him something special and to surprise him. Please pray for the upcoming surgery and his future rehabilitation, but more importantly his positive spirit and will to be more than a conqueror over the obstacles that are before him; thank you and may God bless you in abundance!


7 thoughts on “11/28/12 from Dad

  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts!!! The journey is always long, the path difficult. God bless your family and provide the strength to continue so lovingly on your journey. The strength in each provides for all. Pam Weilbacher

  2. With Shane’s spirit, will, determination and faith in our Lord and Savior we know he will recover from this surgery triumphant. We are always praying and will continue. We love you all.

  3. We continue to pray for Shane’s recovery. The positive indicators of friends, strength on the bars, attitude, Faith and family will see him through. We all send love, strength and courage for a successful surgery and recovery.

  4. Jack and family, thank you for sharing Shane’s recovery every day. I look forward to reading how well he is doing What a sterling young man he is! How proud you must be of him and of Chelsea and Tyler. You are a blessed family. I’m so privilged to know you. Wish I could be there to help out. May the Lord continue to shine his light on Shane. I pray for him every morning.

  5. And I thank you as well for the daily updates! Positive attitudes and prayer are ALWAYS a winning team!!! I am sure that the surgery and 3 days in bed will be over sooner that you will all imagine!!! Praying for you all!!!!!
    Pat Hill

  6. Dear Shane….for so many weeks I have sent prayers and thoughts from Steve and I to let you and your whole family know how much we love you and are being warriors for your healing. Well tonight this is a message just for you and just from me……. The bumps are just the introduction of miracles. My plastic surgeon (aka wound specialist) not only fixed the wound that had taken away much of my life for the past 10 mos., but gave me some great unexpected joys! I will be praying for you harder than ever this Advent season with wonder and anticipation for what God is preparing before us.
    Sorry that my recovery has held me back from visiting with Steve, but please know I visit you in thought and prayer every day…….I will send a hug with him tomorrow!
    Love you…….Sue

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