Tuesday night; 11-27-2012: from Dad

Shane ventured out today with new terrain. In his morning physical therapy he learned how to get into the drivers seat of a car, dismantle his wheelchair and stow it in the car, and ready himself to drive (there are special controls in place that enable one to operate a vehicle solely by hand controls). She told him that she has never seen somebody do it any quicker. In his afternoon session his therapist placed supports on his ankles and legs which kept them straight and with her support and those of parallel bars he was able to stand for several minutes. This was huge and something that is normally attempted during out-patient therapy once released from the hospital. Shane was pretty stoked about his accomplishment.

The reassessment from the insurance company affecting his discharge date will be done tomorrow; we are hoping they honor the initial projected date set by the hospital when he was initially admitted which is December 6th. When I left him tonight his 2 friends met me in the parking lot as they were going to visit. I witnessed over the last couple of months and learned by the response and actions of so many what it truly means to be a friend; I am not sure there is a higher role somebody can play in this life. I have so much to learn; thank you for showing me what it’s all about; we are deeply indebted to you; and again, thank you!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday night; 11-27-2012: from Dad

  1. So good to hear! Shane really has done an amazing job….We continue to pray as he works toward his goals. Friendship is a powerful bond, the explination is simple…”To have a friend you need to be a friend” Sounds to me the Mosko’s have that lesson learned. Love to you all….

  2. Jack and Gail
    We also hope that Shane can confine his stay at Gaylord until he’s ready to come home. He continues to amaze all of us with his determination and progress. We continue our prayers for Shane and all of you. Thank you for the posts and Shane, keep the faith and continued blessings as you conquer your goals. Much love from your friends
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  3. I am truly touched each and every time I read an update! Shane, you are an amazing young man! When I think of you, I remember a fun loving kid with energy to burn and always a big smile on his face…looks like nothing has changed. Of course you are all grown up now, but your love for life is amazing! Keep up the good work. Always praying for continued progress. Jack thank you for keeping us on the outside world up to speed. It means a lot. God Bless all of you! Lynn

  4. Hello Shane…happy to read of your progress honey……God is good…..hope to have the honor of meeting you someday. Debra Davey, IMA

  5. Wow shane you are so amazing that must have felt great to be in that position. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you soon. Beth, Arianna, mike

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