Monday night: 11-26-2012; from Dad

Thanks for checking in on Shane tonight; he seems to have had a good day. His normal regiment each day seems to be relatively full with varied therapies. I was able to share a subway at lunch with him today which seems to be a big hit. He seems to be getting his appetite back and returning to his old form. After seeing him for 5 weeks with a food tube through his nose to where he is now is quite refreshing. His wound seems to be doing well as it is showing some significant healing. It’s amazing to me what they are able to do medically with such an open wound and even more impressive are our body’s ability to respond and produce what is necessary to heal. The scripture that states how we are fearfully and wonderfully made is so true; when you break it down it truly is awesome.

We did not receive any news of the hospitals plan for discharge based on the Health insurance assessments. It looks like a day to day matter that will unfold as time moves on. Shane is looking forward to moving back to his home and moving on with his life. Until then he will continue to learn essential skills that will assist him with life’s basic functions, continue to get strong and move forward.

After work tonight I went back to the hospital and stepped into his dark room with his closed door. The light was off and I was curious what was up. As I walked in I heard 2 excited voices extend a loud greeting. Chelsea was there with her computer on, lying in bed with Shane, watching a movie. I was asked to run down to the nurse’s station and pick up the remaining half gallon of ice cream which we quickly consumed. Life is good and should be celebrated; how does one place value on life’s simple events? Thank you for your continued love and support; we are so grateful for you! May God bless you; have a great night!


3 thoughts on “Monday night: 11-26-2012; from Dad

  1. Jack, thanks to your family for keeping everyone up to date with Shanes progress. We all love Shane and are amazed with even the smallest of his victories. His battle and his spiratual confidence provides all of the readers with inspiration of how blessed we all are.

  2. How cool is that? Just to realize how thankful you are to get to see our young people just quietly hanging out, content to be together, talking optional, lol. It fills our hearts too! Continued prayers for Shane, family, and friends. God bless you!

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