11/24/12 and 11/25/12 from Mom

The weekend was filled with friends and family visiting Shane. He visited, watched football and played wii. He constantly beat me at every game and those of you who know me, realize I do not take losing lightly.
He attended church at the Rehab today and was called upon to read a passage from the Bible.
We will find out tomorrow whether or not his stay at Gaylord will be extended. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families. We were certainly grateful for all the blessings and prayers that we have had.


2 thoughts on “11/24/12 and 11/25/12 from Mom

  1. I am so thankful Shane has so many friends that continue to visit and support him. Lets all hope and pray that the decision made is in Shane’s best interest and he continues to improve. Its a time to be thankful for the entire staff that has made his recovery possible, from the emergency crew that rescued him, the staff at Hartford (ICU-Trauma), Dr’s, Surgeon’s, Nurses and all the re-hab.staff…………Thank you to all the friends that have helped Shane and his family. Keep getting better Shane!!! Love Unc

  2. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am sure that Gaylord will fight to keep Shane there a while longer if they feel it is necessary……they truly have the patients best interests in mind at all times! We never thought our friend , my adopted “Bro” would ever be able to live on his own again after he fell many feet from a cherry piker, but the fine folks at Gaylord keep pushing him in the right direction, fighting for his rights and winning. Bro is doing wonderfully and actually is in a wonderful relationship, working in another part of the state and is again the big pain in the butt he always was!! Soon enough will you will be seeing sox on the floor next to the hamper and the mayo on the counter next to the fridge!!!! Enjoy your night ….thanks for the update..I will pass on the the folks at Bozzutos as usual!!

    Patti Hil

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