Wednesday update from Dad: 11-21-12

Thank you for checking in on Shane tonight; he has had a pretty amazing day. Along with staying very active with his varied therapies he seems to maintain quite a full social life. This afternoon he received a visit from a very close Cape friend of many years who is a very real part of our family; Haley who now resides in Maryland who just graduated from Loyola and visiting her family in Mass. visited him with Chelsea. After that I was trying to find a time to visit him but seemed to have some difficulty. After Haley’s visit a close friend from ECSU stopped by and spent a couple of hours with Shane, Amanda. I tried to squeeze in after that but Shane shared that his friends who attend Fordham, was down visiting. When I arrived Jake was there with 2 of his fellow football players as well as Ryan from Western Mass. and Raven from UConn (all high school buddies and really close friends). After being there for 5 minutes Nate, KJ, and a couple of other Eastern friends came in. After combing through all of the empty rooms next to Shane’s and scrounging any available chairs (I hope Gaylord is not reading this) and visiting with all of the young men for a few I gave Shane my love and said good night.

There is something very amazing happening with Shane that pretty much defies most of what we have been told. Over the last few sessions with his Physical Therapist Shane has been able in a lying down position (not against gravity) to move his legs about a foot in both directions with his left and today with his right. He was only able to move his right in one direction over the last couple of days but as of today was able to go in both directions, very gingerly and somewhat slow but is moving all the same. He called me in tears the day before last and shared the news with me. We offer praise to our Lord and know he is in control; as I said about a month ago He will have the last word on the matter. Shane is committed to working hard, moving forward, and is excited where he will be over the next couple of months. Again, we rejoice over these new developments and are expectant of great things; the power of prayer is a reality and we are so grateful for what is taking place.

Have a wonderful day of thanks tomorrow; love on your family and friends and have a great day!!!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday update from Dad: 11-21-12

  1. We are so thrilled to hear of Shane’s amazing progess. This truly is a great Thanksgiving. Love and best wishes for more wonderful news. With his positive attitude and strength from his supportive social network, he is sure to keep on the same upward trend.

  2. Jack, I got chills when I read this! Prayer is very powerful, indeed! Of course God is in control of everything, but this sure sounds promising! As I read this to Russ, he responded with, “that is AWESOME!” Continuing to pray. Love to all, Lynn

  3. God is good ALL the time. Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. It is a blessing to truly understand the meaning of this day…

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the Mosko family……Shane, you are an amazing young man and an inspiration to us all. Most definitely, God has BIG plans in store for you. Keep up the hard work……even those of us that don’t personally know you, are proud of your strength and courage…..peace, Debra Davey, IMA

  5. Thoughts and prayers to your family this holiday season! Shane has so many prayers and support coming in, nothing but positive thing are in store for him!!!! Xoxox

  6. Gail, Happy Thankgiving to you and your family. It is wonderful to read all the amazing progress Shane is making. With his courage, determination, and support I know I will keep reading of his continued progress. So much to be thankful for. Still sending big hugs and prayers. Eileen

  7. Jack, Your blog tonight gives *outstanding* and such encouraging news! We will continue to pray for Shane’s healing. To see God, one does not need to look any further than Shane’s progress!

  8. To the Mosko family, Happy Thanksgiving, so happy to hear such greaT news! on Shane’s recovery, GLORY BE TO GOD!
    I hope that you guys realized that what you are going through, speaks, inspires, ministers to all of us, at least for me, BIG TIME!; as Gayle said before about taking things for granted in life, I am reminded, and shaken everyday to be grateful, and I do not take things for granted as much as before (I know I still do), but what you guys are going through, GOD is using for others; it inspires me everyday to keep on going. I guess this is what we call GOD’S PLAN!
    I do not remember the verse but I now it is in HIS word, HE does not waste any struggle.
    (may be somebody will remind us of that verse, thanks!)

  9. Had the best time visiting Shane for a few hours, being able to catch up was a great time! He definitely made my week seeing that bright smile! I am so thankful to know such a strong handsome man that has nothing but positive thoughts to carry him forward. Keep pushing through PT bud, you’ve got this!

    ❤ much love

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