Tuesday night update: from Dad 11-20-12

Just left the hospital where Shane is finishing up his day; at 630pm we were able to celebrate by rapidly consuming 2 massive BMTs from Subway; what a feast. He began his day with a 730 breakfast followed by Physical therapy, then a session of Occupational therapy, 15 minute break, then a session of Speech therapy. Then came lunch then he jumped right back into a session of Physical therapy then a session working on wheel chair techniques. His grandmother was with him the entire afternoon where she is working on getting him to engage in cross-words; really not his strong suit.

We visited some with Victor his next door neighbor for a half an hour or so; he was involved with a major accident on a skate board at about 40 MPH; no kidding, downhill skateboarding. He showed us some video of him traveling close to 50 MPH with 4 of his friends on one of his runs. He is a student at WCSU; Shane and him have become friends; Shane and him have been discussing moving forward.

With Thanksgiving on our doorstep I have to confess I have had an early jump. I am finding myself giving thanks through the day for all of the seemingly small stuff that quite honestly I routinely took for granted. Getting up in the morning, moving around the house, seeing the blue skies, being alive and living in the moment. Then I think about my family, friends, those who despite their struggles continue to reach out and share their love, hope, and lives with us. I consider the faith that has been given as a gift and the Hope our our salvation, and quite frankly am extremely humbled. I consider the gift of Shane and am blown away. May this Thanksgiving holiday be full of heartfelt gratitude and reflection that produces a lasting joy for you and your families!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday night update: from Dad 11-20-12

  1. Hello Shane and the Mosko family, Mr. Lenny here. Just a short note to say that Michael, Brian and Ms. Cindy love you and we think about and pray for you every day. Your entire family is a pilar of strength that rocks. The celebration of Thanksgiving on Thursday somewhat captures your recovery during the last two months. Have a blessed holiday and know that your strength is felt by everyone that follows your journey. God Speed…………….

  2. Jack,
    Your words are humbling to all of us. We continue to pray for Shane’s continued healing and know that our Lord will continue to walk the path with him. We feel so blessed to be friends of the Mosko’s and want to wish you, Gail, Shane, Chelsea, Ester, Tyler and Brittany a Happy Thanksgiving filled with joy and love – you all deserve the best!! Much love,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy your time together around the table. Have a blessed day. We’ll be thinking of you and remembering you in prayer!

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