11/19/12 from Mom

Shane and I began the morning with the Case Manager reviewing the things that we were hoping she would stress to our healthcare to allow some more time at the current Rehab. Late in the afternoon, we were told that he had seven more days authorized and then we would have to do the same thing next week to see about additional time authorized again. He had a full day of six different therapies and then took a nap in the afternoon. Last night there was a Thanksgiving dinner for the SCI ( Spinal Cord Injuries) support group which we attended. Shane met a few other people with SCI injuries and was introduced to the support group. This will be helpful for all of us as we proceed down this path as a family. Continued prayers for Shane’s strength and his recovery. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “11/19/12 from Mom

  1. Great work! Healthcare advocacy should be the first degree every family needs to acquire. You have your army of faith to wage battle and win.
    Paulo Coelho, ‘Warrior of The Light’ writes…..
    “The Warrior, however ignores them. He calmly goes to his sacred place and puts on the indestructible cloak of faith.
    Faith parries all blows. Faith transforms poison into crystal clear water.”
    We continue to fight by your side, through love, prayer and faith in all miracles…..

    Xxoo. Steve and Sue

  2. I wish Shane and Gail could have seen John’s face light up last night when Shane called and asked for a BMT from Subway for dinner. John was in my office when the call came in. When Shane hung up, I told John ” did you ever think a few weeks ago that this call would ever happen?”. An even BIGGER smile!!!
    I am so glad to hear you are involved in a support group..20 years ago I would have said what the heck- those do not work. BUT, after a life changing event in my life and that of our son, well, my family and I are believers!!!!
    As frustrating as dealing with insurance is, keep at them. I found, as you will, that they will only give so much…you have to be prepared with a plan for each conversation…you only have one shot at “selling them” on granting more services. You are good at this stuff, keep on pressing on!!!!
    It may be a good time to start thinking on how to share this experience with others, what you have learned as the days progress…sharing the up and down emotions to be expected and other parts of this experience can be very good for others to hear.
    And lastly, have a wonderful, blessed holiday!!! This is bound to be the best one ever!!!! Pat and Dick Hill

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