11/16/12 from Mom

Shane had another busy day at Gaylord. During physical therapy today he was in a bicycle which he operated by his hands. He said it was weird because he was not able to operate with his feet which is what he is use to. As he pushes forward to learn how to adapt to new ways to do things , as a Mom you can tell that it is hard. He is trying to keep his spirits up but tonight he said it was hard. We knew there would be days like this and that GOD will carry him through the hard times.


4 thoughts on “11/16/12 from Mom

  1. As a mom it is so difficult to watch your child struggle…
    This is where, as your friends, we send you love and pray that God shows you all the way to get through this.
    This is uncharted territory for all of you. You are right when you said you knew there would be days like this…but I don’t think that knowledge makes it any less difficult.
    Sending love, hug and any strength you can take from these words…
    Love, sandi

  2. I could tell that his day was upsetting and hard. I cant imagine what he is going through to make this major adjustment. We all have bad days from time to time, lets all keep Shane and the Mosko family in our thoughts and prayers. Lets hope he keeps looking through the windshield not his rear view mirror!! Shane we all love you…..Unc David

  3. These moments are to be expected, the key is keep yourself and Shane looking at all of the fantastic things that have happened so far….kick each other in the butt when a poor me day occurs and forge on!! God gave us poor me days and hard things to do to make us stronger !!!! FORGE ON, EVERYONE!!!!! Pat Hill

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