From Chels

I don’t know how else to explain it besides…Shane is Shane…His silly humor and positive attitude…His determined heart and strong will…Nothing has changed about him besides his physical setback, although I really hate to call it a setback. If anything, this experience has opened his heart and mind to being so incredibly humble. He has a whole new appreciation of life that many of us seem to overlook because we get caught up in our own ideas of reality and take for granted the little things we utilize and do everyday. Many of you knew Shane and knew how fearless he was of life. He wouldn’t think twice about trying anything that was considered “dangerous” and he has always lived his life on the edge taking risks because he loved the feeling of being on that side of the fence. Check out this video and you will see exactly what I am referring to… …I truly feel the strength of life’s grasp to seize you and get the best of you is strongly tangible no matter what age you have reached or what extent of wisdom you have acquired along the way. We all need humbling throughout our lives to snatch us from the fast speeds we have became accustomed to traveling and bring us back down to the speed that is safe and patient, because life is so very precious. Shane is in a very good place mentally and isn’t letting anything get in his way of success. Today, I surprised him with a football to play catch and throw outside, his face lit up like you wouldn’t believe. Something so simple brought so much joy because theoretically this was the first time he perceived this symbol of physical capability as something to be so grateful for. We were outside for about an hour enjoying the weather and activity and it was so amazing to feel his appreciation for it. It seems as though everyday he learns something new and conquers each challenge with determination. Thank you all for being so great.


13 thoughts on “From Chels

  1. Chelsea,
    Your post is so inspirational. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Shane and Mom and Dad and I am awestruck by his attitude and determination. No doubt, he is reflecting upon his upbringing and have to say, the Moskos are such an example of the traditional “family”. Can’t tell you how much your post means. What a great sister Shane has. Love to the Moskos, Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt.

  2. Dear Chels, thanks so much for sharing, especially those great shots! Shane, please know that my missing comments the past few days were only because I was still in “recovery haze” and worried what I might type….though it might actually have been humorous! Had a great chat with your Gram and giggled again knowing where your spunk came from! God certainly knew the power of his creations when he brought the Mosko/Parchesco lineage forward. You all continue to speak to endless hearts about God’s infinite love and boundless joy. Our hope and faith is renewed by you and we thank God every day for that. The boys tools are ready…..
    Blessings, prayers and love….xxxooo

  3. Loved the pictures! It was great to see Shane and know that you are enjoying the great weather we are having this fall. Thanks for all the wonderful posts that keep us connected to you. Prayers and love.

  4. To be able to see the positive so early in Shane’s story is truly a gift you all share as a familly. I’m starting to believe God did have a plan when he chose this path for Shane. In a world where we tend to be angry and cynical when bad things happen to us, the Mosko family is a testimony to faith, love and determination. Thank you for sharing your lives in such a profound way. I am proud to be a part of TEAM MOSKO! Love and prayers to you all….
    Cindy Altman

  5. Chels, we don’t know you, but, such wisdom, from such a young one! Shane looks terrific and obviously has an outstanding throwing arm! It just seems to us that both of you could conquer anything in this life! Thanks for the post!

  6. All that you have said is so true. Thank you all for allowing all of us into your hearts. I feel your family is so blessed to have each other and we are just as blessed to know you. I also know that at one point in each of our lives, the Mosko’s have made a welcoming difference.

  7. It’s great to see Shane out and having a good time. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. We continue our prayers for all of you.

  8. An inspiration to all! Thanks for putting this into words so eloquently!! Looks like you had an amazing day together- although it looks a little chilly to me. Love to all!!

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