Monday night update: 11-12-12: from Dad

Good evening, and thanks for checking in on Shane. Today, I was able to have lunch with Shane then followed up after work for a couple of hours being able to visit. His life at Gaylord is an extremely busy one; there really is no time to get lonely, bored, or lazy. Typically, his day begins at 730am sharp with being awoken with breakfast. He then has the opportunity for a sponge bath then begins his routine with all of the specialty visitors from physical therapy, occupational therapy, wound therapy, speech therapy, treating Doctors, dietitians, and his personal nurses to name a few.

I called him today to see what time I could visit with him for lunch and he said he could squeeze me in between 12 and 1pm. While there they had to look at his bed, his back wound, take his order for lunch and dinner, then was visited by the dietitian to see what he was eating (which by the way was a huge meatball sub; not sure she was too happy with me). After he gave his order for dinner and tomorrows breakfast I shared with the worker that there was a BIG problem. Namely, that they are making him so comfortable (well I used the word spoiled) that he would be hard pressed to leave when the time came; I would have a hard time even coming close to duplicating their level of service they were giving him and that they were setting me up for failure. It was a good laugh.

When I arrived tonight his sister Chelsea was there who had spent several hours with him. She is going to school for Nutrition but I think she has nursing credentials; not too much phases her. They have a pretty amazing relationship. After Chelsea left we received a visit by a young man not older than 23 who was released from Gaylord last December who is paralyzed from the chest down; what an amazing man. He comes to the hospital twice/week and visits with as many of the young patients as he can. He is able to relate to the kids at their level because he had been they were and his message is one of hope and encouragement to always stay positive and to always be moving forward. He was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with a severe back injury. After that he was awaiting a visit from 2 of his freinds Taylor and Megan who brought him dinner and a customized frozen yogurt; how can you beat that?

Shane has dreams and is hoping and praying for a recovery that enables him to one day have a family of his own and then teach his son how to ride a bike. He is praying to regain control of his lower extremities and believing for Gods healing in His time. Until then he is committed to working as hard as he can and make the most of the opportunities that await him. He is so positive and full of faith and hope. Thanks again for all of your support as we travel down this new path. God bless you!


12 thoughts on “Monday night update: 11-12-12: from Dad

  1. Hey Gail and Jack,
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think and pray for Shane and your family. God is truly blessing you daily. Thanks for keeping us up to date….God Bless, Steph

  2. Jack & Gail, thank you so much for the daily updates on Shane. I never go to bed until I read your post…even when I was in Italy! It doesn’t surprise me that Shane is a young man with such a strong faith. After all, the two of you are his parents ( what a wonderful example)! I know I am far away in miles, but I am with all of you in my heart! God Bless! Lynn

  3. Sounds like Shane is on the right track! We send our love and prayers for continued healing. GOOOO SHANE!….
    The Altman Family

  4. Jack,   Hope you are well. We pray daily for peace and comfort for you and your family. The posts are very encouraging and we pray the therapy and other things are helping. ECC is doing good and we look forward to this special season. May God give you peace.

    Respectfully,   Alexander Saris


  5. So good to hear all the progress Shane is making. He is a very strong, positive young man blessed with an amazing family. Thanks for keeping all of us updated. May God continue to bless you today and always. Sending lots of love and warm wishes your way.

  6. Thanks for the update !!!!! Very positive day for Shane and Dad!!! Better book those lunch dates well ahead of time or you will miss your chance, of course if you keep with the huge meatball grinders, they might not let you in anyways!!!! Praying for you, nice to see you looking well behind that desk today!!!! Pat Hill

  7. Wow what a great day!!! Sounds like you have to make an appointment to see him he is so busy. All his therapists will surely miss his great spirit when he goes home. I bet he can’t wait to eat turkey next week!!! Maybe with a coffee frappe for dessert. Love and kisses from Swansea

  8. Thank you Jack and Gail for your continued updates on Shane. We love you and think of you often. God bless Shane and the whole Mosko family.

  9. I went to high school with Shane and he was so active and such a fun kid to be around. My prayers go to Shane and the family. God bless.

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