11/11/12 from Mom

Good evening. Shane was able to attend church service today at the rehab. They have a service every other week. Shane said it was very good. I visited Shane with a friend of mine today and because the weather was so beautiful we went with Shane on a walk around the facility and he was able to enjoy the 50 degree day. He seemed a little tired, however as soon as he received a call that two of his girl friends were stopping by he seemed to perk up. I had to say good bye after being with him everyday for the last six weeks,as I will be returning to work. I feel very blessed to have been able to be with Shane during the most traumatic time of his life. I have my AA coworkers in miami to thank for making this possibly. I will be forever grateful. I will return back to Connecticut on Friday night, I look forward to seeing this weeks improvements.


9 thoughts on “11/11/12 from Mom

  1. Not goodbye…just see you later! I’m so happy you were able to ave this time with Shane, too! You both needed it! Safe travels, Gail…and thanks from me to Gail’s AA family…I know how special you all are too!

  2. Gail, you have left Shane in capable hands. This journey he continues with the strength he brings to the process as well as that of all who are pulling for him. We keep the prayers going for further improvements. Friday will be here before you know it.

  3. Shane is in good hands at Gaylord. He has the strength and the spirit to continue on his positive path whether you are with him or not. He knows you are with him and thinking of him every minute of the day. All the prayers and good wishes that continue to come his way from family and friends will carry him forward until you can be with him again on Friday.
    Love and prayers to all of you.

  4. Dear Gail……this last update was by far the best one yet…..I am thrilled to read that Shane was outside and is doing so well. You obviously have one special son….I look forward to your return and will stop by to see you…….Peace, Debra Davey

  5. Gail, I’m so happy u got to spend these last six weeks with ur son during this traumatic time in his life. Thank God for coworkers that pull together for eachother the way ur coworkers did for u!! And I’m so very greatful to God that Shane is doing as well as he is and that this time has actually arrived that u can leave him for a little while and know he is doing so well, is in great care and will only continue to make improvements. Have a safe week at work!! Much love,

  6. Gail (Sis) you are a special loving mother to your family. Shane is very lucky to have Jack, Chelsea and Tyler by his side to ….what a team you all are. I have spoke with Shane several times and it is GREAT to hear his voice. I think with all the therapy he is receiving there is more improvement on the way. Shane keep on fighting you will prevail!!! Love “Unc”

  7. Gail, A mothers heart is always with their child…..Stay strong, and Friday will come soon….Lots of love and prayers…..
    Cindy & Lenny

  8. We are looking forward to getting you back, Gail, but in no means will our prayers stop for you, Shane and your family. It has been an honor to receive these updates and to have a glimpse into what a strong and amazing family you have. Thank you. Welcome back.

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