Saturday night update from Dad: 11-10-12

Thank you for checking in on Shane tonight. Today was one of those days where I need about 4 days to sit back, reflect, and let it all sink in. So many amazing things transpired (all positive) all through the course of the day that I sit here feeling very overwhelmed, grateful, and extremely humbled. It all centers around the outpouring of love from some tremendous friends and the courageous approach and mind set of Shane as he is rising up to take on a pretty daunting task, taking head on the physical challenges that are ahead of him as well as trying to find Gods plan for his life.

This morning my Pastor from Florida who now resides in PA made a special trip up here to spend time with Gail and I. After driving over 5 hours we shared a couple of hours sharing our hearts and exchanging words of encouragement talking about the journey of the last 6 weeks and frankly the last 5 years. We all then spent a couple of hours with Shane: what a powerful time together in counsel, sharing, and finally prayer. After leaving the hospital we finished up our visit back at our house prior to Win (our Pastor) driving back home to PA. Win pastors a congregation in PA and him and Stephanie his wife are raising a wonderful family of 2 daughters and a son of ages 5,7,9. Despite his very full schedule and obligations he took the time to devote the entire day to us; words can’t describe our gratitude.

We then spent some time with our dear friends Chris and Lori discussing next steps with Shane’s progress and future needs. Our dear friends Dave, Denise, and their son Ryan brought dinner down to the hospital and we all spent the next couple of hours dining, fellowshipping, and visiting together and with Shane. The spread of food was amazing and the love shared incredible. To say this was a full day is simply an understatement. Gail and I feel overwhelmed, thankful, somewhat speechless, and humbled with all of the expressions of thoughtfulness that have been expressed to us and our family; thank you!!!

Shane is an amazing young man with some pretty amazing things happening in his life despite what appears to be some very difficult circumstances; please continue to pray.


6 thoughts on “Saturday night update from Dad: 11-10-12

  1. We are so glad to hear Shane’s progress is moving forward so well. My husband and I read your blog together and are inspired by your families faith and love.

    We continue to add Shane in our prayers and thoughts. God bless you and your family.

    Pam and Dale Weilbacher

  2. A persons heart(in this case a family’s heart) is not judged by how much they love but how much they are loved by others….This outpouring of love for Shane and your family is nothing more than a reflection of what you put out there every day. You are the example of why faith and love are so important in a family. I know your blessing will continue….
    Cindy & Lenny

  3. We all continue to pray for Shane and his wonderful family. I am proud to know you all and believe God is truly sending his blessings.

  4. Shane,
    Can’t tell you how great it was to spend time with you and mom and dad. You are truly an inspiration to all of us who have been reading about your progress since your accident. Your faith is a source of great strength and is most heartening. You and your family have been through so much, but how thankful are they and all of us that God has brought you to this point. We are confident that your spirit and determination and God’s continued grace will help you to achieve the goals that you’ve set. You are a very special young man and we continue to ask the Lord to guide you in your continued recovery. Countless people continue their prayers for you and your entire family on this journey. We have no doubt that our Lord has great plans for you Shane. Much love to you and Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Tyler and Brittany,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  5. Glad to hear that you had a day that nurtured your soul, and your senses. How wonderful that your pastor was able to make time and spend the day with you. Shane too was able to enjoy time with his friends, and know they are there for him. The kindness of your friends bringing a meal you could all share was another loving gift. It sounds as if there was finally some time to really start to understand all each of you has been going through. Greg has always told me how much you do for others, and now others want to give back to you and your family. May God continue to watch over and guide your family. Hugs and Prayers
    Love Barbara and Greg

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