11/9/12 from Mom

Shane had another filled day of therapies. In occupational therapy he is learning everyday living from his wheelchair. In physical therapy he is learning how to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed, into a car and into a chair. There are special techniques he must learn to do these transfers and he must become proficient in them.

He had his Freshman roommates from Eastern Ct. State University visit him tonight which was a special time indeed. His friend Chris actually rallied all of his fellow Lacrosse teammates together early on and they all signed a card for Shane: what a powerful showing of support: this meant so much.

As the weekend approaches Shane only has two therapy sessions tomorrow and is looking forward to visiting with close friends over the weekend.


7 thoughts on “11/9/12 from Mom

  1. And another positive day comes to an end! Does Shane happen to be recording his recovery and the emotions he is feeling? I have a feeling it will be like a roller coaster for him ad he progresses, and it might not only help him recover, but could also help others once he gets into “give back” stage of his life….that’s what helped me through a very tragic period of my life…and in turn was used mot help several hundred other people…Just a thought….God Bless!!!
    Pat Hill

  2. Looks like Shane is getting a lot of support from friends! That speaks volumes about his character and his positive personality! Glad to see there is ongoing progress. We are still hoping and praying for ongoing recovery. Love, Andrea and Luciano

  3. Sounds like a lot of work adapting, but with Shane’s amazing spirit, he’ll be playing Lacrosse again in the chair!! Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!

  4. Looking forward each day to Shane’s accomplishments. So very thankful that he is moving forward in faith and keeping the back door locked up tight from fear! Praying for you and Jack to breath as Shane takes on life in a new way..he is so strong and brave…..prayers, blessings and love.

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