11/8/12 from Mom

It was another busy day for Shane beginning at 830am. Occupational therapy was there before breakfast teaching him how to dress himself, which is not an easy task. He did do pretty good. Another few hours of group and individual therapy and then he finally got to go for the barium swallow test. He passed the thin liquid test, which meant that after 40 days he could finally have water. I have never seen anyone enjoy a glass of water as much as Shane did this afternoon. He now has no dietary restrictions at all, however that being said he plans on eating as healthy as possible. He is focusing on his upper body workouts and strength training.Your continued prayers are appreciated by our entire family.


8 thoughts on “11/8/12 from Mom

  1. One more hurdle out of the way and another step closer to full recovery. This is such great news. We look forward to hearing about each blessing Shane experiences every day! Keep going Shane. Your perseverance will pay off:)

  2. Each day brings a new blessing…so glad to hear Shane is doing so well…We send love our love and prayers…. and remain…TEAM MOSKO!

    Lenny, Cindy, Mike & Brian

  3. Water!!!! The elixir of life!! It must have felt as though his thirst would never be quenched. Some of Shane’s trials are similar to those of Jesus. I hope we never take a glass of clean water for granted again.

      As I WAS ON THE BUT FROM THE HOTEL TO THE BARCELONA AIRPORT I SAW THE BRIGHTEST RAINBOW I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, IT WAS ABOUT 9:30 am in Barcelona which would make it about 3:30 am here in the United states. The surn was bright very few clouds and then the HUGE BRIGHTLY COLORED RAINBOW.



  4. There is a very interesting article in th Fridays Record Journal on Mike Loura, a patient at Gaylord…..he is using the Ekso robotic exoskeleton…..Have a Blessed Day!

    Pat Hill

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