Wednesday night update: 11-7-12; from Dad

Hello everyone: thank you for checking in on Shane tonight. He did very well with the trech removal, so much so that instead of having to stay in the designated section of the hospital for the required 24 hours he was released to go to physical therapy this morning then back to his normal room with his assigned support staff. He attended his normal therapies and after those was fitted with his new wheel chair which is specially ordered: should arrive in a few weeks.

During P/T yesterday he was asked to try to run his wheelchair through a course of cones in a wheely position: they had a rope tied to the back in case he flipped over. As it turned out he popped his wheely and according to the nurse never looked back: was the first one to ever complete it on the first try. Last night he was viewing clips on u-tube of guys in wheelchairs going down ramps like the X-games and performing back double flips with 3 second air-time: some pretty radical stuff. Shane is the same guy who did gainers off of 40′ cliffs into ravines here in CT: I have a feeling he will find a way to overcome any obstacle in his way.

We were hit up here with quite a snow storm today: Gail spent the night with Shane due to being snowed in. Tomorrow they hope to be doing a barium swallowing test to see if he is able to swallow thin liquid; up till now they have had to thicken everything up to a nectar type consistency. He is so looking forward to be able to drink down a bottle of cold water. He is making incredible progress with his therapies: they are saying his release from Gaylord will be sooner than later.

We have the dining room scheduled for Thanksgiving at the hospital from 2-330pm: what a time of returned thanks it will be to our Heavenly Father. We have SO much to be thankful for that it will be difficult to put it all into words. His love channeled through you has been amazing; His strength that carries us has been perpetual: knowing Him as our ever present help in the time of need has changed my life. Thank you for standing with us and upholding us; our victories are your victories: God bless you!!


13 thoughts on “Wednesday night update: 11-7-12; from Dad

  1. We just knew wheelies would be part of the day! So glad to hear of the progress of answered prayers. “Thanks be to God”. Love to all from the Nardone family.

  2. I can just picture Shane racing through that obstacle course- reminds me of him on skis and the snowboard- he never gave up!! This is all such great news- Love to all! Kim and Bryan

  3. Reading your daily updates is inspiring. Shane seems to be conquering every obstacle laid before him and is acting like a real hero! Go Shane!! We are behind all of you in prayer. Dave Schmidt and Melinda Brock

  4. God is answering your prayers on a daily basis as Shane recovers from his accident. You are all remarkable and an inspiration to anyone who thinks they are having a bad day. Tell Shane that we will be needing him to help out at Social Services Christmas giving program! Take care.

  5. Jack and Gail thank you both so much for the continued updates on Shane’s recovery. I have been texting him every evening so he knows of the support and prayer. I can’t imagine what all of you have gone through and will be faced with upon his release. Lets hope he continues to progress and keeps a good strong attitude. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Love “Unc” David

  6. Dear Gail and Jack
    Greg and I are both thrilled for all of you that Shane is moving forward in such a positive direction. But we are even more amazed at how you have had the most eloquent and inspirational words for those of us who wanted to somehow comfort you….you have comforted us with your amazing faith and commitment to each other. May God continue to watch over all of you and bring peace to your hearts……you are so right much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
    Love Barbara and Greg

  7. Way to go Shane! Wheelies on the first day! Everyday gets better and better. Keep it going.
    Prayers and much Love.

  8. Wow you must be proud. Shane you have found a way to be stronger than most. You are are a amazing man. Stay strong and remember god is alway by your side. You are so blessed to have a wonderful and strong family they love you so much. Keep the faith.
    Cindy and Steve Edwards.

  9. Definitely got teary eyed reading this update. Shane is to inspirational with the positive attitude he brings but it’s hard to see such a young motivated boy go through something hard. Shane definitely has the right attitude he needs to get through this and we all think about him all the time<3 this thanksgiving will in fact be one of the best and most memorable holidays yet for your family. My family and I, as well as many many other families, all be thinking of Shane and his family ❤

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