11/6/12 from Mom

Good evening, Shane had a busy day today with about four hours of group and individual therapies. Late this afternoon,after several Doctors discussed removing the trach it was determined that it could be removed. Around six o’clock it was determined that he could be decannulated. The process takes about sixty seconds. Shane was moved to a special unit in the rehab ( similar to an ICU ) just to be monitored for the night. So far so good and he was very happy to have the trach out. He was told that it would take a few days for the whole to close. Tomorrow is a big day, as Shane will be fitted for his own personal wheelchair. All your support and prayers are greatly appreciated by Shane and our entire family.


10 thoughts on “11/6/12 from Mom

  1. After waiting so many weeks for the healing progress to get rolling, this is such great news. Each day seems exponentially better than the day before! Go Shane!

  2. Awesome day Shane! Glad to hear that the trach has been removed. Hope tomorrow is another productive day for you. We continue to offer prayers for your contiunued progress. Praying that tomorrow brings more joy and promise in your recovery. May our Lord continue to shine upon you and your family and that He shows you the way to recovery of your spinal injury. Lot of love to you and your family,
    Denise, Dave, Matt and Ryan

  3. Keep up the good work, Shane. We are all pulling for you. We hope tomorrow brings continued progress and greater mobility for you.

  4. Hi, Shane! Following your healing journey and thanking God for His awesome love for you. My son Jaime (Chief Figueroa) is rooting for you….we both know God has a great future for you. We are praying and expecting great things from the Lord for you. Love you and keep you always in my heart, sweetheart. (I see myself getting one of those bear hugs you used to give when you were a young boy!)

  5. Shane, reading about your daily progress amazes me!!! You have come such a long way from just weeks ago!!! Your Faith in God and your Family will get you though this, and once your new path of life is clear – there will be no stopping you!!! Praying that God continues
    his healing powers for you – body and soul! God Bless.
    Anna Notte-Bonnin (IMA Flight Attendant)

  6. How we appreciate hearing Shane’s progress each day. Our prayers and love for you all will last a lifetime. Anxiously waiting to see Shane take on God’s next plan, especially with his own signature wheels. Prayers, blessings and love,

  7. Your Faith, love and support are amazing and inspiring!! There is this wonderful movie called “The Peaceful Warrior. ” It is truely inspiring in case you have some harder moments. Gail, my thoughts and support are with you and your Family!! Love is all…

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