11/4/12 from Mom

Shane ventured out on his own this morning in the wheelchair to pray and read his Bible. He also had his first shower in 36 days, was given a haircut and shave by a friend and was feeling like a new man. Sunday is a quiet day as there is no therapy so he visited with some friends this afternoon and some other friends visited this evening. The visits bring a smile to his face.

The care given at Gaylord has indeed surpassed our expectations; we are grateful for the opportunity he has to be in their program. Shane met a young man this afternoon who happens to be in the next room, 24 years old who was in a skateboard accident: he is challenged with paralysis from his chest down; he does have use of his arms: our prayers are with him and his family. Thank you for your continued support, love and prayer.


7 thoughts on “11/4/12 from Mom

  1. I look forward to reading these updates every night. Shane has been in so many prayers and will continue to do so. Any news about removing the trach?

  2. Hi Gail, Shane and family! So happy to be reading about the excellent progress. I continue to do Reiki for Shane and his healing body, mind and spirit. It’s good stuff definitely. Let me know if you’d like me to come to do some hands on Reiki for Shane or anyone from the family – it would be an honor! Janette Gianatti

  3. It was good to talk to Jack tonight….You guys are truly amazing…..such a positive attitude… you can feel the love…..sending love and prayers….Lenny and Cindy

  4. Amazing what a difference a few days make, isn’t it!!!!! They will work Shane very hard there and will get very positive results…. Our friend Phil was there for several months after tangling with a dysfunctional cherry picker and falling many feet, landing on his head…one would never know that today!!!!! They are focused, tough and very caring ….we are so happy Shane is there!!! Keeping the prayers going your way, Pat and Dick Hill

  5. Just recently heard the news about Shane’s accident thru Maria Mitha ~ I contacted Judy to get more information and she forwarded this link. First of all, may I say how sorry I am to hear about Shane and his injuries, and how sorry I am that you’re going through this, a mother’s worst nightmare. It sounds like Shane is coming along remarkably well and is strong and willing to get on with life. May God continue to give you both strength and may He bestow His healing hand over Shane. I will continue to pray for your family and will check in daily to read Shane’s progress reports. Sending prayers and beams of healing light your way, Raysa

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