11/3/12 from Mom

Last night Shane had several friends drop by and surprise him which was very nice. He also had his first overnight guest. Chelsea spent the night with her brother in a recliner that they bring in for overnight guests. Shane had his occupational therapy and physical therapy today. Occupational is working with him, teaching him how to use a slide board to get from the bed into the wheelchair and to be able to slide his body in and out of the wheelchair and from other stationary sedentary positions. In physical therapy today he worked on a weight machine focusing on upper body. He said it was harder than he thought because he has not done any work outs for over a month. He is very tired and is having to take naps. Jack and Shane are watching the football game between LSU and Alabama this evening. Enjoying some Father and Son time. Shane asked me to please ask everyone to pray for healing within his spinal cord that he may someday again walk and have feeling in his legs. May God Bless each and everyone for there continued support.


15 thoughts on “11/3/12 from Mom

  1. Shane,
    At church today, we prayed that our Lord will show you how to walk again. He has performed many miracles and we ask Him to show you the path to your goal. Keep your faith and trust in Him – He will lead you. We are praying for your continued progress. We are so grateful for the progess you’ve made and ask the blessings of our Lord continue to shine upon you – you are so thought of and loved – Keep the faith – we will see you soon. Much love to you and Mom, Dad, Chelsea,Tyler and Brittany.
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt.

  2. Our prayers to our Lord to heal Shane, to keep the faith, and to give all of you much strenght, will never stop.
    Chris and Rafael

  3. Shane when I get to church this morning I will put your specific prayer request on our prayerl list. God will heal you physically and spiritually. I am amazed by your strength. May your faith in God be a light to the lost. God bless you.

  4. To the entire Mosko family…..our thoughts and prayers are with you. So happy for Shane that he is now in rehab. center. He told me yesterday he likes it better than Hartford Hospital. I have to say that he is getting better as each day passes, lets hope that continues. So thankful he has made it this far, love Unc.

    • Gail, Praying for God to give Shane and your family strength to reach the rainbow soon. It sounds to me from others comments that we all on our way to the rainbow. Pray and follow.
      Steve Carter

  5. yes !! plese tell Shane we are praying for him… tomorrow we are having out Church Prayer Service at the LEC.. the Church will continue to pray all in agreement.

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