11/2/12 from Mom

Shane had a busy day today,meeting all the different Doctors and team members that will be taking care of him during his rehabilitation at Gaylord. Each member of the team had to do their own evaluation. Shane got into his wheelchair twice today the first time for about an hour and then been feeling light headed which is to be expected since he had not sat up for over thirty days. His Dad and I had lunch with him which was interrupted several times for evaluations. We then had him get into his wheelchair and explored a little around the facility. He wanted to go outside and experience a little of the fresh fall air. When we came inside Shane and I explored a little more and then he was exhausted and had a headache. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot it is a lot for him and very exhausting. I do believe it was very hard for him to get into the wheelchair and realize this was his life for now. He seemed sad at moments which we expected and then we would talk about GOD and how he was going to get Shane through this and strengthen him. Thank you for caring enough to check the blog for updates and for continuing to pray for Shane’s full recovery.


16 thoughts on “11/2/12 from Mom

  1. Hey Shane! Take your time sweetie. You have to get your strength back and that will come in time. We’re all cheering you on! Love you lots! Aunt Michelle.

  2. Thank again for keeping
    us up to date. I tried texting but it didn’t go thru. Because of the storm. Good to know all of you are safe. God Bless

  3. Shane,
    We’re so happy to hear that you’ve moved to Gaylord. We are all in awe of your progress and we continue to pray that our Lord will continue to walk with you through this next phase of healing. Keep the faith and praise God for the progress you’ve made – we are also on TEAM MOSKO and continue our prayers for your continued recovery. Much love to you and the Mosko family.
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  4. One day at a time…Look over your shoulder, we are all right behind you! Sending lots of love and prayers.
    Lenny, cindy, Michael, and Brian Altman

  5. Hi Gail, I’ve been following your and your husband’s updates on Shane’s recovery and I’m so happy to know that he’s embarking this new phase of his recovery journey. Thank you for taking the time to let us know, through this blog, what GOD is doing in your, and your family’s, life. I get to see GOD’S power and faithfulness through your words. I see GOD’S strength through your family. Keep the faith and the joy, and remain strong in Christ. Trust HIM!

  6. Great progress. We wish you all strength and prayers.
    We wish you peaceful times. GOD BLESS!

  7. My dear Jack and Gail,
    You both are doing such a great job with Shane’s care , must importantly you keep encouraging him to focus his eyes on GOD. That is the best thing to do. We are on constant payer and up to date every day with Shane’s progress.
    We love you all.

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