11/1/12 from Mom

Shane said good bye to Hartford hospital today after spending thirty – two day there. He went by ambulance to Gaylord hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut to begin his rehabilitation. He was able to talk the ambulance driver into using his siren for a few minutes during the forty minute ride. Shane will now begin the next chapter, he was evaluated by the nurses, speech therapist and respiratory therapist. He will have to wait a few extra days before having the trach removed permanently because the rehab has their own course of action that he must go through before the trach is removed. The physiatrist will complete an exam tomorrow and then Shane should begin his program there. Shane was anxious to get started today but has to wait for all the evaluations from the different departments that he will have therapy with. The wheelchair that he will be using while there was in his room and he wanted to get in and start exploring the rehab, but was told that would probably start tomorrow. He will have to be taught how to transfer himself from a board. By the end of the night he was exhausted and fell asleep. Shane is ready and wants to get started with his therapy. We pray that he will stay strong and positive as he begins this part of the journey.
Cards can be sent to Shane at the following address
Shane Mosko Lyman 211
Gaylord Hospital
50 Gaylord Farms Rd
Wallingford, ct 06492


7 thoughts on “11/1/12 from Mom

  1. So happy to hear of this move and know his positive attitude will help him move forward at a record pace. What a journey you’ve taken so far and a new one to begin. We all pray for Shane’s continued recovery.

  2. Hey Shane….just in case you were wondering……the entire MA Parchesco clan spent this evening anxiously waiting today’s news. We love you so much and even had a few giggles about the predisposition for Parchesco’s needing their daily fix of coffee ice cream / frappes!
    Continued prayers for your forward moving journey……God is delighting in your strength and determination…..xxxoooo

  3. We are so happy to hear of this new chapter….Your positive attitude, the support of all that love you, and that unshakeable faith will carry you when you need it the most. We look forward to hearing of your progress. We remain TEAM MOSKO!!!
    ❤ The Altman Family

  4. Great news that Shane is on to rehab where he can begin the next chapter in his recovery. We know it will go rapidly for him because he has such a positive attitude and strong spirit. Our prayers and good wishes continue throughout this next phase in his journey.
    Love to all

  5. We are so happy for Shane and family!!!! What a tough journey and he ACED it with the love and support of his family and the BIG GUY up there!!!! It will be a challenging “uphill” but gosh, he is in a fantastic place and will ACE this too!!!!!!! GO SHANE!!!! Pat and Dick Hill. P.S John, you must be smiling like you just saw “Chuck, the driver”~~~~

  6. After many prayers and a tough fight you have made it. I am so proud of you and I know your going to soar thru this next chapter! You r so very loved by your family and friends…you are a true inspiration to everyone and very courageous ..coming to see you and your family soon…love sandra

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