Friday night update from Dad

Shane continues to take it to new levels in his physical therapy sessions. Today his therapist took his wheely bars off of his wheel chair and challenged him to pop a wheel stand and see how far he could go around the gym without either flipping over or coming down on his front wheels. He was able to balance himself and in his first attempt he made it around the entire gym. She was excited and told Shane that nobody has been able to do in the last 8 years. She then timed him to see how fast he could wheel himself around the gym in 1 door than outside the next until he finished the loop. Her challenge was to see him finish it in under a minute; after the 3rd attempt he was able to get it done.

We did not hear from the insurance company today so we are not sure where he stands with his stay at Gaylord. We do know he will be having surgery at Yale on Tuesday to join his back muscles and close his wound. He is very positive and he continues to believe the best for his situation. He takes things in stride and finds a way to keep things on the light side, even poking fun at some of his challenges. Gail is on her way back up here to CT and will be here through the surgery; the weekends at Gaylord are somewhat laid back so I think there will some quality down time happening. I trust you have a great weekend; will update the blog periodically; thank you for your continued support!


11/28/12 from Dad

Good evening; thanks for checking in. We anticipated the insurance company assessment today to determine a discharge date but it did not happen; we are being told it will be tomorrow. Shane was seen by a wound surgeon today and he concluded that due to the depth of the wound and because he could still see some evidence of bone he would need to undergo surgery. The plan is to attempt to join muscle then close up the wound. He would need to be bed ridden for about 3 days to expedite the healing process. They are talking about doing the surgery on Dec. 4th at Yale. Initially, Shane seemed a little nervous about it but was OK by the time I left. The continual uncertainty of being discharged or not along with trying to move forward with his life and face the challenges before him along with just simply understanding his current status have been somewhat taxing. On the flip side he is putting it all on the table in prayer and totally relying on Gods grace and sufficiency to get him through; his trust is amazing. Proverbs 3.4-5 is a powerful tool. Before Chelsea came in tonight Shane asked that we spend some time in prayer. Tyler called on his way to work just as we began and we all joined in; where 2 or 3 are gathered together in His name He promises to be in our midst; we had a great time together, the 4 of us!

Today in Physical Therapy they again donned the special ankle and leg braces, the ones to keep his legs straight. Shane told me with the support of his therapist and balancing himself on the parallel bars he was able to make it down the entire length of the walkway. Yesterday was very cool seeing him in a standing position and maintaining that for several minutes. I missed today but I can imagine him pressing to get across the walk way in the P/T center using all available resources: braces, bars, therapist, and a driving will to succeed. His sister came in tonight with a bag containing a freshly steamed lobster and lobster bisque; she wanted to give him something special and to surprise him. Please pray for the upcoming surgery and his future rehabilitation, but more importantly his positive spirit and will to be more than a conqueror over the obstacles that are before him; thank you and may God bless you in abundance!

Tuesday night; 11-27-2012: from Dad

Shane ventured out today with new terrain. In his morning physical therapy he learned how to get into the drivers seat of a car, dismantle his wheelchair and stow it in the car, and ready himself to drive (there are special controls in place that enable one to operate a vehicle solely by hand controls). She told him that she has never seen somebody do it any quicker. In his afternoon session his therapist placed supports on his ankles and legs which kept them straight and with her support and those of parallel bars he was able to stand for several minutes. This was huge and something that is normally attempted during out-patient therapy once released from the hospital. Shane was pretty stoked about his accomplishment.

The reassessment from the insurance company affecting his discharge date will be done tomorrow; we are hoping they honor the initial projected date set by the hospital when he was initially admitted which is December 6th. When I left him tonight his 2 friends met me in the parking lot as they were going to visit. I witnessed over the last couple of months and learned by the response and actions of so many what it truly means to be a friend; I am not sure there is a higher role somebody can play in this life. I have so much to learn; thank you for showing me what it’s all about; we are deeply indebted to you; and again, thank you!

Monday night: 11-26-2012; from Dad

Thanks for checking in on Shane tonight; he seems to have had a good day. His normal regiment each day seems to be relatively full with varied therapies. I was able to share a subway at lunch with him today which seems to be a big hit. He seems to be getting his appetite back and returning to his old form. After seeing him for 5 weeks with a food tube through his nose to where he is now is quite refreshing. His wound seems to be doing well as it is showing some significant healing. It’s amazing to me what they are able to do medically with such an open wound and even more impressive are our body’s ability to respond and produce what is necessary to heal. The scripture that states how we are fearfully and wonderfully made is so true; when you break it down it truly is awesome.

We did not receive any news of the hospitals plan for discharge based on the Health insurance assessments. It looks like a day to day matter that will unfold as time moves on. Shane is looking forward to moving back to his home and moving on with his life. Until then he will continue to learn essential skills that will assist him with life’s basic functions, continue to get strong and move forward.

After work tonight I went back to the hospital and stepped into his dark room with his closed door. The light was off and I was curious what was up. As I walked in I heard 2 excited voices extend a loud greeting. Chelsea was there with her computer on, lying in bed with Shane, watching a movie. I was asked to run down to the nurse’s station and pick up the remaining half gallon of ice cream which we quickly consumed. Life is good and should be celebrated; how does one place value on life’s simple events? Thank you for your continued love and support; we are so grateful for you! May God bless you; have a great night!

11/24/12 and 11/25/12 from Mom

The weekend was filled with friends and family visiting Shane. He visited, watched football and played wii. He constantly beat me at every game and those of you who know me, realize I do not take losing lightly.
He attended church at the Rehab today and was called upon to read a passage from the Bible.
We will find out tomorrow whether or not his stay at Gaylord will be extended. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families. We were certainly grateful for all the blessings and prayers that we have had.

Thanks giving day 11/22/12 post from shane

Today is thanks giving and just like any other day its a time to give thanks.  I have an abundance of things to be greatful for more than I ever have before.  I am so greatful for life.  The fact that God gave me another chance at living I have no choice but to give my life to Jesus.  I reflect on my accident daily knowing that there is no possible way I could of made it out of that vehicle with out the grace and hand of God who pulled me out of that car.  Praise you lord!  Its is evident that God wasn’t ready for me yet and has big plans for my life.  I am so greatful for all the friends and family that have been supporting me and praying for me.  This is going to be a tough journey but I truly believe God wont’t give me anything I cant handle.  Therapy has been going really well I have a hard time taking things slow.  When my therpist Erin gives me a challenge I just jump right in and want to conquer it.  I should be going home in the next couple of weeks.  I’m excited to get out of Gaylord and be home to start my new life.  If you think I’m gonna let this injury keep me down and hold me back you better think again!  I know that one day I’m going to walk again, God willing.  Its a long road to recovery but im already getting some muscle connection back in my legs.  Through this accident I know that my patience will be greater than they ever have been before.  This is Gods time and I pray that his will be done.  

Today is a day to give thanks just like everyday we are granted.  Through my journey so far its made me relize how greatful I am for the little things.  Going 35 days with out a shower and about 40 days or so with out water (because of my trach I was on a nectar thick consistancey of liquid) It’s helped me to understand just how greatful I really am for the small everyday things that often are taken for granit.  

Thank you to all who have been lifting my name up in prayer.   I’m so blessed to have the support that I have.  I ask you to pray for healing and that one day the lord will allow me to walk this earth again.  I yearn to be able to teach my children to kick a soccer ball or ride a bike, if god blesses me with children and a wife one day.  

I hope everyone has a great thanks giving we all have so much to be greatful for!!!

Lots of love,  Shane