10/30/12 from Mom

Good evening, Shane was as restless last night as Hurricane Sandy. He did not sleep very much, he now has his computer and watched several movies while the storm past through. He had his physical therapy and went for an ultrasound on his legs to check for blood clots as well this morning. The rest of the day he just rested, he was finally able to get some sleep around 330pm. He wanted to take a nap so he could spend sometime with his Dad. We are hoping to get some information tomorrow morning from the ENT Doctors regarding the edema around his throat/trach and see what the plan is going forward as we address this issue. Shane is asking when he is going to Rehab, as he is ready to get started and take on this challenge. He is continually in prayer for GOD to heal his body as we are. Thank you for your continued love and support.


6 thoughts on “10/30/12 from Mom

  1. Told Steve last night that he had better start researching a fishing seat designed for Shane in his boat….with Shane’s faith in his recovery and his passion to get going, it will be fishing season before we can blink. Just thinking that Jesus must be smiling really big knowing how much Shane loves the water and his Saviour! Good night, God bless, sweet dreams…..love, blessings and prayers. Xxxooo

  2. Just want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. I am very happy to hear about Shane’s progress. I know in my heart that this is just the beginning to a remarkable recovery. Shane has always been a very strong and determined young man. He will continue to move forward and amaze us all. Sending lots of love your way! Joanna

  3. Gail and Mosko family I pray daily for you all and your petitions before God. Pastor Shane Batterson has such a profound an impact duo book called the Circle Maker. I use this tracing as a guide to continue my prayers for you and thank God for His victory!

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  4. Hello Shane and the Mosko family. It is amazing the amount of faith that is being poured into Shanes recovery from all of the friends and family following his progess. To read of Shanes positive attitude and eagerness to start PT is testement to his strength and belief that this ultimate test will be slowing him down only temporarily. We pray for you everyday, Love Cindy, Michael, Brian and Mr. Lenny.

  5. Dear Jack and Family, we so wanted to contact you prior to this. However, we was just learned of the blog today. It has been a long time since seeing you. Although always hoping that you were all doing well. As parents, we are so blessed when we have our children and always hope that they will stay safe. Your strength, courage and love for your family is an inspiration. As you are very lucky to have Shane, he in turn is very blessed to have all of you. We have prayed for him every day since hearing of his accident and will continue to pray for him and your family every day. God Bless. Maureen and John Fordyce

  6. Gail,

    I have been following Shane’s progress daily. Today’s post brings tears to my eyes. Your faith in GOD will prevail. So happy to see this message this evening!! Continue with my motto… FAITH, HOPE, BELIEVE!!!

    Hugs and Prayers to you and your family.


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