10/29/12 from Mom

Good Evening. Shane had a pretty restful day. Physical therapy came this morning and worked with him a little. He was unable to do any speech therapy with the trach because of the swelling in his throat area. The Doctors told us that it may be a couple of days before they can do his swallow test and let him try talking again. At this time, they do not want him to irritate his throat at all. He was very disappointed that he could not have anything to drink today. He had hoped that today would be the day, so now he is hoping sometime this week. He was moved from the step down unit to a room on a regular floor which means he is making progress. The obstacle with the throat was not anticipated and may possibly hold up his discharge to a rehab facility. The other obstacle could be hurricane Sandy, but so far she has not been to bad. We pray for everyone’s safety with the storm.


8 thoughts on “10/29/12 from Mom

  1. So many weeks ago, messages like the past several days were what we knew God would bring Shane to. The God that heard thousands of prayers before they were prayed, the God that knew of Shane’s healing before it was seen, is our hope, our strength and our salvation. Breaks my heart for those fighting for their lives without faith. Your entire family’s witness of your faith gives us all more hope, strength and joy than we could ever give back. Thanks for all of your time keeping us in Shane’s journey. Xxxooo

  2. Dearest Gail and Family With all out continued faith and prayers, God is leading us down the path towards the rainbow of a new life for Shane and his family and friends.

  3. saw shane made a facebook status today. good to see he’s making progress. everyone at eastern is still thinking about him

  4. Glad to hear things are continuing to move forward. Hope all of you are safe from the destruction of Sandy! Thinking of and praying for Shane and all of you daily. Lynn

  5. Our prayers were answered! They will continue, as will our Love to all of you.

    Tha Altman Family

  6. So glad to hear that Hurricane Sandy is not affecting you guys too much!! Also that progress is continuing with few setbacks. You all are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

  7. Dear Jack and Family,   First, please accept my apology; I did not know anything until just recently.   Please let Shane know we all continue to pray for his full recovery and for all of you daily. Your names are also on several other churches prayer chains and they believe in God’s healing and fast and pray every Tuesday. I have been reading your posts and your words are inspiring.  I humbly understand some of the obstacles Shane is experiencing as during my illness I had a trach for several weeks and had some problems with speech and swallowing. It was very unpleasant and although my problems stem from another situation, I truly understand and will pray deeply for God’s mercy and comfort.

    Respectfully,   Alexander Saris


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